Shopping in ALDI Right Places

July 20 – The other day we stopped in at ALDIs, a grocery store where folks generally move along pretty quickly, knowing just what they want and where they can find it. Now, me, I know what I am going to buy too, but I take some time just checking to see what’s new on the shelves.


[ ALDIs in Lee’s Summit ]

As Dale pushed the cart around, I could tell that some little kids were just behind also checking out things they hoped their mom would buy. How they were enjoying their time at the store as they not only checked out the food products, but also the people! Little bits of conversation brought a smile to my face. As usual, I had to talk to the mother of the kids, as I always do when I get a chance.

As she pushed the cart with those kids beaming and talking and enjoying life, I walked over to her, smiled, and said, “You sure are lucky and blessed!” I could tell what she thought as I watched the look on her face. Even the kids stopped talking and pointing and listened as I continued, “Those kids of yours are really alive and happy and well-trained. It’s easy to see how much you love them and how happy they are to be with you. It doesn’t take much show them your love and care.” By this time it was easy to see how much she appreciated the words I had said. I don’t usually see the same folks in a store more than once, but that family with the three cute kids and their mother, waved twice more as they continued with their shopping.

160720_GroceryCartOne more word about our shopping in that store. When we were ready to go through the line, we found that every one was full of customers who wanted to get home. How long those lines were! Just as we were thinking about how long it would take to get up to the register, I saw a young lady moving to the register on the last row. Just as I looked up at her, she looked back at me and motioned for me to slip over into her line and go through. I quickly asked a couple people in front of me if they wanted to go ahead of me, but no one did! That was amazing!

As we put our purchases on the line, I smiled at the clerk and thanked her for motioning us to come forward. After we had packed our groceries into the sacks and were ready to leave the store, I quickly moved over to the clerk and told her how efficient she was and how much both Dale and I appreciated her. What a big smile on her face as she said, “Nobody has ever told me that before! Thank you!” As we neared the door, I turned around to say so long, and found that she was looking right at us with a big thumbs-up! – CHRIS


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