Pranking the granddaughter



February 26 – Has been a nice looking day but pretty chilly and the wind is entirely unnecessary. Have I mentioned before that we have daffodils sending up green spears by the front porch entryway?

Yesterday I planted about five kinds of tomato seeds and one kind of sweet pepper and one of Candy onion. Once they are up and under lights I will plant another batch – more kinds of tomato, and maybe a few squash and cucumber seeds just to get in an early crop. Will probably plant a few white datura too, as I have a lot of seed from last year’s plants. Those white flowers are beautiful but only last a day. That’s Mother Nature for you.

A couple of days ago I noticed a wig that had fallen out of our curio box in the living room closet, and was reminded of an experience long long ago back in Erie when several of our grandchildren were visiting us. I think that Beckie must have been about three years old then. We had several wigs as items of interest, and son David and I were sitting on the couch and decided to try something funny on Beckie.

Dale modeling wigs (recent re-enactment)

Dale modeling wigs (recent re-enactment)

She was sent to another room to get something or other and in her absence I put on a wig. When she returned, her eyes bulged in amazement but I pretended to not know about the wig and we talked about this and that, and then I asked her to get me something from another room. While she was gone, I removed the wig and hid it. She was soon back, and again was overwhelmed with amazement.

Shortly after, she was again asked to get something in another room, and I put on still a different wig. Talk about looking aghast! Again we had her go get something for us in another room, and I removed the wig. The third time she came in and found me with different hair, she couldn’t handle it any more and burst into tears. So I had to make peace and showed her how the miracle occurred, and she was okay after that. I wonder if she still remembers that!

Mom is cooking three kinds of shell beans right now. We are going to have some tasty fare for supper. No green beans, of course for me! – DALE

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