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A Cold Day for Harvesters

January 5 – As I have mentioned several times before, I am not a fan of cold weather with its strong winds, little sunshine (and that hidden among the clouds), and snow, lots or little. I just don’t like it, … Continue reading

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Two Can Post as Cheaply as One

June 9 – It’s been a nice evening, with fireflies flashing and promises of a hot day tomorrow. We were without phone and internet service for several days at the beginning of this week and are glad to be able … Continue reading

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Harvesters, Followed by Planting

May 15 – As many of you know, once a month the Harvesters food truck comes to our church at 9:30 on a Wednesday morning. The truck and driver waits while volunteers unload the foods and arrange them on tables … Continue reading

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Windy Harvesters

March 15 – Since we have been working with the Harvesters for about two years now, we recognize many of the people who drive up to receive the foods. Can’t help but notice what I have mentioned before. Some of the … Continue reading

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A Clean Trunk

January 16 – Time really moves on too fast these days! Even school kids are always busy doing something, and most of it is not homework! Hours are spent on various tools and electronic devices that were unheard of not more … Continue reading

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Another Day at Harvesters

January 14 – Wednesday morning as I tried to figure out what clothes I should wear, I tried one pair of pants, then changed for another to make sure my legs would be warm. Dale didn’t have to make a … Continue reading

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Harvesters and Pumpkin Cabbage

November 1 – We really do enjoy our volunteer time at Harvesters every month. This last truckload of food consisted of potatoes, sweet potatoes, HUGE carrots, onions, apples, creamy peach yogurt, cashew milk, eggs, extra large bright red tomatoes, salad fixings, … Continue reading

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Another Harvesters Tale

August 22 – What a beautiful scene as I looked out the back window a few mornings ago. Our new asparagus plants were bathed in the most beautiful green/blue dew that I have ever seen. Almost like seeing the work … Continue reading

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The Week’s Review

August 14 – It’s been a nice Friday, though perhaps  a bit too warm. The house cleaning is mostly done and Chris has the washing out on the line and the dishes are washed and dried and put away. Now … Continue reading

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Rainy Day Harvesters

July 14 – Just a couple of additional notes from our very WET Harvesters day last week. We had watched the weather and it kept promising rain, and was raining when Dale and I got up early to get ready … Continue reading

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