A Visit From Dave

July 8200708_FriskiesOur son Dave came over last night as he does on most Tuesdays, and brought two big containers of delicious homemade potatoes and roast that his wife Darlene had made for us. We both had some for supper – mine was hot while Chris ate hers cold. He also brought bananas, orange juice, and cheese, as well as a very large bag of Friskies cat food. That should last Cat for a long time, even if it’s the only food she will eat!

We talked for awhile after he got there, then went out to the garden to finish getting the ground ready for the calico lima beans. I had used a pitchfork to dig the trench, but the ground had many large lumps in it that needed to be cleared. I have a large box with a wire mesh at the bottom. So we took the dirt I had dug out of the trench and shoveled it into the box. That filtered it quite nicely.

180921 Lima beans

Calico limas

Dave then emptied the “good” dirt back into the trench, smoothed it out with a rake, and it was then ready for planting the lima beans. There was a lot of work involved and it would have taken me days more to do it, so I’m glad we got it done. Dave got rather dirty doing all the shoveling; we may have lost quite a bit of our top soil that went home on his shirt and pants!

Today I got out the seeds and planted them one by one in the row. After adding water, I can now just stand back and wait a few days! I have always liked calico limas, as much for how they look as for how they taste.

Chris wants us to get to work on some old hay bales and put them down as mulch. So that may be our next job.



Recently Dave took some pictures of us to send in for our church photo directory. Here’s our most recent picture!

We hope you are staying cool, our thermometer that sits out in the sun went over the 110-degree mark yesterday, so it’s rather warm here! – DALE

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