A Short Update

180604_PriceChopperApril 19 – No real point in discussing all that is going around these days so I decided to post a short blog just to show how life is full of good from all kinds of people right here in our stores, our doctors’ offices, in grocery stores, and eating places, showing that wherever they are or how they do their work, they are still just like us in so many ways.

As the days go by, we need to remember that no matter how others treat people, good or bad, we can show those same folks that there are lots of others who do care. And as I look back upon it, I think the Spirit of God has a lot to do with how we treat others.


Wound Care Center

I especially think of this because of all the kind doctors and nurses at the Advanced Wound Care Center that have been taking care of my leg over the past month. They have all been so friendly and helpful; I want to give them all hugs but I know I can’t right now. I’ve told them more than once I am going to come back after this is all over and THEN give them all a big hug of thank-you!

Looking back in my journal, I am reminded of what I wrote right after I first hurt my leg:

“My leg, well both legs, are really painful. Just try to keep going, but there’s no position that feels as it usually does. I am signed up to go to the doctor that I saw before a long time ago. Finally climbed into bed and stayed for an hour plus. Cat sat right beside me as she doesn’t usually do that. I had so many bashed up places, especially along my right leg, that I just continue on! Had to get up a number of times that night and work on the pain in my right leg. Went back several times as I needed to stay quietly and get a few bits of sleep.”

But what a difference since then, I can assure you of that! And hopefully all will be well by the end of April. – CHRIS

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1 Response to A Short Update

  1. Tammy says:

    I am so thankful to hear your leg is healing!!


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