A Short Break

April 5 – This blogpost is not from Chris or Dale, but from their son-and-editor, Dave. I’m sure you’ve noticed the lack of posts from this account over the past couple of weeks! Well don’t worry, my folks are still doing fine, although with a few hiccups along the way.

20200331_135350The main issue is that Chris has been fighting a very nasty wound infection in her right leg. We took her to the doctor several weeks ago, and she has been visiting a Wound Care clinic each week since.

As you can guess, this has been a definite physical effort for recovery. However, Dale has been carefully handling the daily bandaging and cleaning of the wound, and we have seen amazing results, especially last week. Even the doctor was surprised at how well the wound was healing up.

At any rate, Chris and Dale have both been taking it at a much more relaxed pace since early March, are getting lots more sleep, and with the COVID virus, been staying at home instead of doing their regular town day and helping with Harvesters.

20200324_150712I have doing my best to keep them supplied with the groceries they need, and checking with them on a daily basis to see how everyone is doing. So have no fear, I am sure that by the end of the month Chris will be back to blogging once again.

Until then, carry on, friends! I’m a lucky guy to still have my parents around; even if they are in their 90s they keep on keepin’ on. – Dave


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