Politics and Groceries

200312 Food prep

Busy in the kitchen

March 12 – Hi, remember me? Among other things, I have been so busy here and there that I haven’t had much time for blog writing. I can hardly imagine that I wrote so many blogs during the first two months of this year; I can’t even remember what they were about until I read some of the earlier ones and say, “Oh, did I really send them over to David-our-editor to see if he wanted to make some changes?

So for this week, we haven’t had to get up early as we have been doing for the last month. I have kept pretty busy listening to the words of so many of the presidential candidates who think the land might fall apart if it weren’t for them. Once the whole group started in the hearings and primaries, we have been subjected to claims from both sides of the aisle, and usually they seem to use any little bit of misunderstanding they can fit in to the problem.

200312 Fruit plate

Love that fresh fruit!

But should we get lost in the scuffle? Hopefully not as we would like to see our elected government officials standing strong. One of the reasons to have a strong government with everyone doing his best is that it shows the world that all is well in our dear country. Even if at times things may not be looking all that good.

Anyway, we did a little shopping today as it was town day, getting some nice fresh fruits and vegetables. Being vegetarians, we don’t eat the way many others do! We didn’t out many hugs today though! Also stopped at several other places for various reasons, and then headed home. – CHRIS

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