Recent Doings


Bed looks good in the morning!

February 26 – Sure wished I could stay in bed for a long time the other day, but no chance with Harvesters being on the schedule. We left early to get to the church by nine. Quite a good crowd from the church and other interested people. Dale stayed in the truck most of the time. It was pretty cold, but we got used to it.

I gave out the carrots, pretty sad bunch, bent and crooked. We got a ton of oranges and a lot of potatoes. The gang sent over a big cake, very well done, but Dale said we should give it away, so Faye ended up with it. Watermelon and huge purple onions. The truck was full but didn’t have as much as we usually do. We went on home about noon.


Never know what will be at Harvesters

Nice to see the pastor, and a big number of the folks I always take notice of. Spent a long time trying to figure out what to do with the food. Huge red delicious apples and juicy onions. Spent a lot of time cleaning the stuff and then a couple hours cleaning up the storage place in the kitchen cupboard. Never finished. How could I? To bed late, of course!

Got up early the next day to go to town. Didn’t buy much but saw several of our good friends. Pat hasn’t come back yet. When Dale was turning towards the food store, his foot slipped and left me scared to death and then some; I couldn’t even talk for awhile. Off to Price Chopper, didn’t see Mike or Karen but did get to talk with Robbie, Cheryl and Zach plus two ladies at the counter who probably wondered what we were up to!


Tape cases to put away

After sorting the food for Faye (she felt so bad because she had forgotten we’d be there.) we went home and after lunch worked on the apples and oranges. In the evening I worked on the more putting-away stuff, trying to do a lot. I was so tired I fell asleep on the chair while watching the news. Woke up about midnight!

That didn’t stop me on Friday as I still got up early so I could do the washing (4 loads) and more work on the shelves. Sure was surprised to find all of the stuff we have there, and put it together. Tons of photo albums and post cards. Still work to go, but all of the stuff is out of sight and at leat I know where it is! – CHRIS

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