Clean Up, Throw Out?

200218_SleepyCatFebruary 18 – As usual lately I enjoyed a lengthy stay in bed just because it feels good to relax, go back to sleep, and listen to the cat breathing quite loudly trying to keep up with me!

Did I say keep up? Not only does she keep up, but when she gets behind just a little bit she actually jumps ahead and makes sure that she wins the race. Just so she can start eating, but also to show me that she enjoys being on the front line.

200218_BasementBoxesWe worked at some of the piles of various kinds of storage boxes that needed to be cleaned out. Guess what? Treasures suddenly appeared when I took off some of the books that had kept their places for a long time up in the attic. Other old books threatened to make a stop for me as I paged through and read bits and pieces of them. So, I didn’t take time to think about the long-ago writers right then. I will have to just make time to do the things that need being done.

Later I went back down to clean up more stuff in the basement. First, I cleaned off a big table, big enough to hold three paintings, all done by Dale’s folks. I also found more interesting books, including several groups of beautifully written numbers with small problems and the work done right beside the original numbers. One interesting item or rather two of them, were delightful since I enjoy stamps. There were a couple of them in the puzzle.

200218_BasementThingsThen came the jigsaw puzzle of the 50 States of the Union. A little story on that one. Yesterday when I was moving the puzzle, I saw that 4 or 5 pieces at the edge had broken up and I couldn’t find one that was missing. That was sad as I really have enjoyed the bits and pieces of history lying right in front of me.

Lying in bed this morning and planning my day, I thought of that missing piece. A short little prayer went up to the Lord, but I didn’t give it more thought until I was working on that puzzle this afternoon. Amazing, but when I was putting the other pieces in place, I really did find the last one, As I fit it in its place, Dale called out to me, “Did you find that last piece, the one that you lost?” I was so pleased that God had been with me once again, and wanted to say so!

Later on this evening Dale came down the stairs to see if he could help. Of course, I never turn down anybody who wants to help! The last big job to get our attention was the one to put together all the varieties of juices I had canned along the way. Mostly tomato juice, grape juice, corn, and pears. And that, my friends was enough for one day! – Chris

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