Sorting Out the Closet

February 3200203_BooksDale couldn’t do too much bending recently with a back problem. So I got some of the big black bags from the basement and got a lot of items together out of the closet to look over. Lots of pictures, books, cards, and tons of stuff that I will keep for various reasons. Worked a couple of hours with that collection, then had a late supper, and tried to get some of the stuff put away. However, it wasn’t cooperating and took longer than I expected!

Couldn’t stay in bed next morning because I kept on thinking of all of the stuff I pulled out of the big closet in the kitchen. Everywhere, and still everywhere, and MORE everywhere. I had started the job without any problem, but turned out there was so much to move. I actually did get a little dizzy but continued on.

200203_GamesI kept going as the day went on and found lots of stuff that I couldn’t remember we even had! Books, cards, games, letter writing supplies, tons of decorative stamps, and lots more. Many of the games will go to our son David and his daughter Rindy, both of whom are game players like we are.

So many things to put back in the right places that I finally decided to quit for the day. Made supper for Dale and me, cleaned the kitchen, and worked a little more on the envelopes. Forgot that I had to wash my hair as we would be going to Harvesters the next day. Watched the news, and finally off to bed, satisfied with all the sorting and goings on! – CHRIS

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