October Harvesters

October 30 – Yes, I know that I have written about Harvesters several times, but I continue to be amazed that everything goes right along as it should with a group who take part in the program every month along with others who fill in when some are absent. Quite a difference in ages between those who are in their teens right on up to one who is 92! (Yes, that would be me)

This may seem strange to new comers, but those who receive the food receive much more than that. Some of them have been coming to the program for many years and enjoy getting a little special attention from the church folks and each other. Sometimes as I walk between the two rows of cars and trucks before the program begins, I will see that the folks inside are reading books. Maybe we can live without computers and TV for an hour or two and enjoy a chance to have a bit of quiet time.

191030_TruckWhen Dale and I arrived at the church this month, there were only three folks all ready to work. Fortunately, by the time the truck arrived, late, we had plenty to do the job.

I am always pleased that the folks who receive the food are met with grins and big smiles from those who are happy to see they are getting some bread or bananas or beautiful apples and are so thankful.  We had plenty of time to talk with folks we have met monthly for a long time. It’s always good to see new faces, but it’s great to welcome those who have been coming from time to time.

Somewhere along the line I have been called “the hugger,” and I’m glad for that as it gives me a good chance to give and receive one of those big hugs that make your day, and mine too. Several times, though, I haven’t received the hugs that the drivers were planning to give as the windows won’t open. Sometimes, though, it’s great to have the driver or another open the door, jump to the ground, and give me a hug. More than once that has happened.


Apples for the families

This last time, one lady got out of their vehicle and said “I have something for you!” I have always appreciated her kindness, but this time, she handed me a box of little pumpkin bars, enough for each volunteer to receive one.

What a wonderful gift, but those bars were even more delicious and appreciated when she told me that neither she nor her husband would ever eat the bars or many other things that she makes because of some health problems. Since she had run out of little pans, she had just bought more so she wouldn’t run out. Two times ago, she gave me a very special gift of zucchini jam, that was a beautiful orange color and very delicious.

Just another car ahead was a very brave lady who has been suffering from cancer. She always asks that I pray with her and says that the Lord has done so much for her.

First in line, just ahead of those three just mentioned, was an always-happy young man, who has had some interesting experiences with the Harvesters program. I have never seen him in any other position than number one. Once he asked if I would like to get into his car to see what it feels like to drive in a tiny one like his. In order to claim his first-in-line position, he always comes early. He told me that once he couldn’t sleep the night before so he got up at FOUR one morning and TWO another.


“Good-sized watermelons”

When the Harvesters truck arrived, the foods were examined by most of the volunteers as they were making up their minds where they would like to work. Since my husband Dale was unable to work because he had a stress fracture in his foot, I chose to give out the Ruffles chips. Nothing heavy there.

Others handed out buns, floral bouquets, apples, huge potatoes, good sized watermelons, tomatoes, and bananas. Near the beginning of the line on one side, stood a huge box filled with various kinds of things to be given to those in the area. A beautiful young girl, very agile as she stood on the wooden base of the box, leaned over to pick out the various items to be given to the folks. Some foods, some flowers, some items too many to be counted, ended up in the box but were passed out until they were gone, and went home with the happy receiver.

I’ll finish this up tomorrow with some short highlights of some of our volunteers. And don’t forget, you’ve got one more day to enjoy “October’s Bright Blue Weather!” – CHRIS

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