Houston, Our Lawn Mower’s Got a Problem

May 30 – When we last left our mower, it was burning brightly! And now, the rest of the story…

After burning and smoldering for a couple hours, the fire continued to show its presence, as some of the parts and skeletons of the mower could now be seen. The wheels were all there, as were the seat and deck. The plastic covering burned right off the metal parts.

Mower burn and mower bubble…

I even found a very small light bulb all shattered. Dale said it must be from the lights that made it possible to mow along in the darkness. Well, that’s something I have never done! I like to see where I’m going, night or day. But that tiny bulb is sitting atop the file cabinet reminding me of what happened. How in the world could I ever forget what happened that day!

Later in the day, our son David, who had heard about the problem, sent us an e-mail about being glad that I hadn’t been mowing the big piece of land behind the barn. That area would have burned so quickly. Later on he wrote again to let us know that some of his friends who get our blog said they would be very interested in reading it this time!

He also said that someone from the Cub Cadet company would be getting in touch with us to check on some of the questions they would have. Not long after that, there was a kindly young lady on the phone asking about the various kinds of info she needed so she could make a report for our insurance company. All went well until after Dale had answered all the questions and it became my turn. Unfortunately, I NEVER can talk on the phone about business matters, so Dale always takes care of things like that.

Scrap metal, anyone?

Now what were we going to do about getting another mower? The grass HAS to be mowed because there has been so much rain that one of these days, especially in the bamboo patch, it’s going to be way over my head. (OK. I can hear one of my brothers say, “You’re so short, is there ANYTHING that isn’t over your head?”)

At our age in life, we decided to get a used model, rather than a brand new one. Off to the business of our friend Wayne a couple miles away. There we found an older mower that Wayne thought would do a good job, but he wouldn’t sell it to us until he had replaced a number of parts. I always tell him that I wish everyone who deals with this sort of work would be as honest as he is. As we were leaving his shop, we hoped that it wouldn’t be too long before we had another Cub Cadet running for us.

Later that week, Wayne brought over the mower and didn’t want to charge us until he was sure there were no problems with it. We found that he had a lot of changes to make because I am a little bit of an old(er) woman, while the mower was set up for folks who can reach any of the necessary pedals at any time.

How we had to mow for awhile!

Since I needed to be closer to those pedals, as well as to the grass cutter lever, the two folks who knew anything about moving me up far enough to reach and push the various parts needed to get to work. By the time the seat was moved up a lot, I could easily reach the pedals, but I still couldn’t do anything about changing the position of the lever.

When I first tried to remember all of those positions, I made a mistake or two and had to go slowly until I could do so. Since it is hard for Dale to bump along mowing when his legs bother him a lot, he just sat on a chair in the area, and if I needed help, I would move to where he was and ask him what I should do! Now I thought that he couldn’t use the big mower at all, so I was more than surprised when a couple days later, while I was using the hand mower around the trees and flowers, I saw him zooming along the trails and a good bit of the lawn that I hadn’t had time to mow!

Yes, it will be hard to forget the day when the entire perfectly good mower was done with its job forever? That was a very, very sad day. – CHRIS

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