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April 21 – Through the years since our son David asked us to write a blog, we have sent out a lot of information to friends all over the world. Since he did all of the work except for the writing, we didn’t have a hard time at all, but just wrote as if we were talking to someone who was sitting here with me at the computer.

After a couple years had gone by, I asked David to give me a list of all of the countries where at least someone had read our blog. At first it was hard for me to believe that people would be so interested in reading about what was happening in the daily life of someone nearby or far away on the other side of the earth. Someone they had not even heard from, let alone seen! I know there are some folks who have thousands of readers but knowing that, I am more than satisfied with those who jump on board from time to time and let me read the blogs they have written. That’s fine with me.

Countries from Europe

I am really surprised whenever I go over to check the list of those who have read the blog through the years. (I counted 51 back in 2017 and haven’t taken the time to make a new list. However, I still do appreciate those folks who send greetings. Every morning early I check to see if any new readers have joined the other blog readers. What a good feeling when I find new readers but want to hang on to the early ones who still take time to check out my blog.

Just for interests sake here’s a list of the various countries:

India, Norway, Brazil, Netherlands, Nigeria, Singapore, Turkey, Croatia, Pakistan, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Botswana, Cameroon, Kenya, Kuwait, Portugal, Nepal, Congo, Malaysia, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Finland, Latvia, Denmark, United States, United Kingdom, South Africa, European Union, Germany, Romania, France, Canada, Australia, Ukraine, Italy, Spain, Russia, Hungary, South Korea, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Philippines, Japan, Pakistan, Belgium, Austria, Czech Republic, Mexico, and Sweden.

Southern hemisphere

Having been a teacher for many years, especially those spent in history and geography, I learned a good deal about countries of the world – not one of these I just wrote about is unfamiliar to this old teacher!

David’s idea of our writing that first blog, back in 2015, has given us happy memories of those who send the interesting writings.

How good it is to check through the blogs and find that people of all ages (even little kids at about 8 or 9 years old) are bloggers and send stories of their daily lives). Wouldn’t it be neat if we spent some of our time just about every day sending off messages of cheer and love to those who may be counting on us to give them a happy day? Today is a good time to start!


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