Walkabout Trice

April 4 – And we finally finish up this series on my recent five-mile walk! Returning you to live action…

[ Reynolds Road – our home street ]

At one point, I stopped to see a new bridge and took a pic of a driveway full of beautiful stones. One of my hobbies when I get tired of walking consists of counting my steps. So I don’t forget, I fold my fingers down, lifting them one by one as I count, then starting over again. The distance between the poles is just about the same. Just a mile or so up that hill, a truck, driven by Harvey, stopped. “Is this your last lap?” he asked. “Just about,” I answered. “Good luck. Keep it up!”

Soon I noticed that there were a number of black patches covering the holes in the road up ahead. About halfway up I heard a dog barking right on one of the black patches. Slowly I continued on up the road where a few homes showed that somebody must live there.

[ You’re a GOOD dog! ]

But the dog! At first I thought he was pretty cute, but when he looked me right in the eye and started across the road to check me out, that was different. Now I like dogs, especially those who couldn’t knock you down if they tried. Finally, after I had pointed out to him that he was “a good dog,” he didn’t bark quite as often. As I continued slowly down the road, I turned around to repeat that compliment, but he continued to follow me. Finally he decided just to see me walk out of sight.

The next day when we drove up to the spot where I first saw him yesterday, he was lying quietly by the roadside. Dale cautioned me not to go near him, but first I called to him, “Come on. You’re such a good dog. A really good dog.” I walked around to the back of the truck, but couldn’t get as good a pic as I had hoped for. After I had talked to him for five minutes or so, he just stood up and disappeared behind a big pile of junk so I could no longer see him.

[ Little Dogs yes, Cute Dogs yes! ]

Now my last story is probably the best! Just up the road before we turn on to our Reynolds Road were the cutest dogs you ever saw. The first day, all four of them came flying down the driveway to the mail box. I don’t even know what kind they are, but they couldn’t be happier if they tried. Looking right at them as they ran up and down, never tiring of yipping and yapping, I just enjoyed them.

Then the next day when we stopped it didn’t take long for those little guys to come rushing down the driveway to welcome us again. When Dale suggested that we turn in to the driveway a bit so I could take pics out of the truck window, those little guys were even happier and more talkative! Can’t remember how long we stayed, but they never tired of jumping and rushing around and barking.

[ Yet another cute pup ]

That was a really great way of ending up our trip around that five-mile-walk. And guess what? I wasn’t tired at all, either day. My legs weren’t sore, and I am really glad that I enjoyed that FIVE-MILER. – CHRIS

[Editor’s Note: I include the following paragraph under motherly duress…]

I am also more than happy to know that son David walks (or runs if he is getting wet) the five miles around his home in Shawnee just about every night. He walks even if it is very windy, or cold enough to wear the gloves he has brought with him. He carries various devices that make it possible for him not to be bored (he says that listening to podcasts is his saving grace). Best of all, we await with joy his phone call of the entire journey every Friday evening starting about ten o’clock. He is also the one who does all the hard work on this blog. Dale and I “just” do the writing, and he does all the rest.

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