Walkabout Part Deuce

March 28 – Installment 2 of this series of posts will blend the actual walk with the follow-up trip in the truck. Dale offered to drive me around the route that I walked so that I could get some pics to go with the words. Besides, all I had to do the second time was jump out of the truck, take pictures, climb back in, and finish the route.


[ Old barn ]

On my way to Road 179, Bob and Robbie went by, pulling with them a cattle truck. Farther on I stopped to take a picture of an old barn, a very interesting sight to me, as I have always checked out the barns along the road. Lots of history in those old buildings.

Farther on there was an interesting building with a big pile of grass on the front lawn. A light was shining from the front door area, but no sign that anyone was living there. Just a lot of trailers in the area.


[ Overflow pond ]

There were lots of interesting sights along the way to keep me interested and to pass the time. Farther on I stopped to take a pic of the big pond that had overflowed because of the rainy days and nights.

I had to laugh when I checked out the bridge at the bottom of the hill. Lots of trapped squirrels made their way from our house to that spot. I wouldn’t be surprised if they found their way back to our yard to enjoy once more the food they had found earlier.


[ Sue Lane lives here! ]

Farther up the road we stopped so I could take a pic of the mail box on Sue Lane, kind of an old-fashioned item.  On the way down to the main road I took a number of pics of a group of bulls fenced in. Lots of work there so Bob, Harvey, and Robbie are always busy. Turning at the next road, we noticed that trash was scattered over the ditches and that made me sad as I thought of the ditches we had kept clean so many years ago.


[ Hankins machinery ]

Farther on to the next road that took us to the shop of Wayne Hankins who has done many jobs for us through the years. A neat building and tons of machines and vehicles that need to be repaired. Wayne is such a happy person and loves to make jokes about all of those who “can take it” and return the teasing.

Just across the road was a big dog that enjoyed barking and barking at me. I was really glad he was tied up so couldn’t come racing down the hill to say more than hello. A little farther on a pick-up truck slowed down, and the driver asked what I was doing. When I told him how far I had already walked, he congratulated me as he said, “Good for you. Keep it up. Keep strong,” I couldn’t resist. “Thanks. I will. I’ll be 92 in a few months so it’s not time to quit yet!” I think he just about fainted! Dale really laughed when I told him that story.

One more post to go! – CHRIS

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