Go With God…

January 29 – As those of you who follow our blog may know,  I was only 25 years old when I left my home in Pennsylvania for a long journey to Africa where I would be teaching. My mother wrote me the following poem as a farewell-and-God-Bless.

The ship on which I sailed was the African Crescent, and the end of the tale is that I met Dale while in Rhodesia, and you all know where THAT ended up!

2019-01-29 african crescent

[ The African Crescent ]

Help Me to Say, “Go with God

Lord, give me strength to stand today and learn Thy courage too, I pray.
As I in sorrow lift my heart, Lord, quench my tears before they start.
She must no know how deep my grief; I fly to Thee for sweet relief.
My eyes are wet with bitter tears; Thou knowest, Lord, my dreadful fears.

So far from home the ship will sail. Oh, Father, do not let it fail
To reach the distant lands afar; be Thou the Gracious, Guiding Star.
My hopes were centered in my lass, yet Thy plans, Lord, must come to pass.
If in my weakness Lord, I weep, forgive me, for my grief is deep.

And yet Thy will not mine be done; take her, dear Lord, the battle’s won.
Let me say yes; I’ll pay the price; like Abraham, my sacrifice.
Must now upon the altar lay;God give me strength each coming day.
And when the last good bye is said, wilt Thou Thy loving arms outspread?

Hold her whom we love oh, so much, in Thine embrace and gently touch
Those anxious feet that yearn to walk those trembling lips that fain would talk.
Those little hands that wish to serve, that loving heart that none can swerve
From duty’s clarion bugle call, and keep her, Lord from every fall.

Help me who fain must stay behind Thy precious promises to find;
Help me, dear Father to be true, and find some task for me to do.
Stay by my side these endless days, and keep me faithful in Thy ways.
That if on earth we’ll meet no more, I’ll see my Sis on yonder shore.

  • Louise Christoph in 1952

Just something different from our normal posts! – CHRIS

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