Thanksgiving II

December 27 – Yes, sooner or later I’ll get this story out there! As you may recall, my previous post started off at Thanksgiving. Here’s part number two:


[ Big letters for Beckie, David, & Darla ]

I didn’t think I was at all hungry, but when I checked out the food on the counters in the kitchen, I changed my mind about filling up my plate! Roast, beautiful salad, cheese loaf, twice-baked potatoes, scalloped onions, homemade bread, and other items I can’t remember.

When we moved back into the dining room, I noticed that David had laid out big letters of the alphabet to show where we were to sit.


[ My small bridge ]

At first, we took time to say hi and how are you, but after a bit we couldn’t resist the good food, so we all quieted down. The delicious fizzy drink was delightful as it has been for so many years when we have food together. Recently our dentist put in a small bridge at the bottom of my teeth, and since I haven’t yet kept it in while eating, I wrapped it up in a napkin and laid it aside by my dish. The folks never said a word, but I’m sure they noticed; when we left the table, David slipped the napkin onto a nearby shelf.

I didn’t mention one of the very special foods which should have been mentioned with the roasts and salads in the last paragraph. Some of you who read our blogs have heard the little story about green beans. Remember? I’ll remind you quickly.

I first met Dale when I went to Zimbabwe as a single missionary. He had grown up in Africa but was at that time living with some friends about twenty miles from the mission where I lived. He stayed in the country while his folks were on furlough in the States and since his dad was my principal, he asked if their dog Blitz could stay with me at the mission till they returned. Moving quickly, now that you have the background, I’ll get back to the green beans.


[ Dog Blitz ]

After a couple months of visits from Dale, who originally ”came out to see his dog,” he began to visit me, while just giving Blitz a pat. Most of the time he would stay for the weekend with mission friends. At that time, there was nothing in the mission garden except green beans, one of my favorite vegetables. How did I manage with no potatoes or peas or corn?

Dale never said a word about eating those beans UNTIL the first night of our honeymoon! Finally, when the right time came, when we were sitting happily together, he said something like, “I just want you to know before you fix another meal for me, that I HATE GREEN BEANS, AND I HOPE I WILL NEVER HAVE TO EAT ANOTHER ONE!” Now if I didn’t know better, I would think he might be a little angry, but since he never is angry, all was well.


[ We packed up the motorcycle! ]

So why did I include that story in this visit to our kids for Thanksgiving? Remember the list of delicious dishes I mentioned earlier? Just because I have never seen Dale take even a small helping of green beans, EVER, after he told me not to serve him, even a small portion. Why did he choose to do so on Thanksgiving? He thought the topping of scalloped onions on the green beans looked as if it might be something he would really enjoy, and he did!

Everybody was so full of the first course with all of its vegetables cooked, baked, and in salads, that nobody was ready for dessert. (Those of you who know us didn’t wonder where the turkey and ham and other meats were. For you who don’t know, we are vegetarians.)

So it was off to the living room where everyone “did his own thing,” with little Chico entertaining each of us as he wished. The two young ladies flopped out on the couch where they used their phones to send messages back and forth. Funny stories and pictures brought guffaws now and again.

Darla and David kept things going so nobody would go to sleep. After awhile Rindy became the servant taking orders for the sweet stuff. “OK, we have pie and shortcake and ice cream. Which do you want, or do you want everything?” Soon she had delivered the goodies to everyone, and all settled down to a second meal while continuing to watch a football game. Even Chico started going from chair to chair or couch to grin at the occupants (and hope for some snacks). Finally, though, he settled on Beckie’s tummy, a really restful location. – (part III will finish this up) – CHRIS

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