Thanksgiving I

December 20 – Yes, this is being posted several weeks after Thanksgiving; please forgive!


[ Yes, we had pumpkin pie! ]

Our recent Thanksgiving was special for Dale and me because our son David and his wife Darlene had invited us to their home near Kansas City to enjoy the day with them and their two daughters. That invitation, however, really changed our plans because we had already accepted the invitation of one of our neighbor families who were having a number of friends and relatives ready to sit around the big tables in the large dining room. This invitation and enjoyable visiting has always made us feel a real part of that family. However, even though we were disappointed because we wouldn’t be seeing those folks, we were more than happy to be part of our son’s Thanksgiving celebration.

This time David and Darlene came up with a list of foods we could add to the many dishes they would have ready when we arrived. They do not expect that we will arrive at their door with an entire meal, since, their two daughters, Beckie and Rindy, together with the parents, always come up with more delicious foods than two families could possibly eat.


[ Recipe for Lemon Squares ]

I was surprised that one of the items David wanted me to make was “Lemon Squares.” I have not made any of that dessert for years, and was not exactly sure how I would begin! I have so many recopies for that sort of food that it took me just about forever to find the one I wanted. Normally, since I have so many recopies that always turn out just as I want them to do, I don’t keep the directions, just the ingredients.

So I looked, and looked, and looked for the “Lemon Squares” which I was pretty sure was the recipe I wanted to use. Would you believe, when I finally had checked out over TEN little storage boxes, I finally found that “Lemon Squares” recipe. Judging by its looks, it must have been used many, many times. David says he remembers that he could spoon them into his mouth, swish them around a little, and then let them slide easily down his throat.


[ THE condensed milk ]

As I read over that recipe, I happened to see that the first of the ingredients was “1 C condensed milk.” When Dale looked at the recipe, he said, “That should be good! You know how much I like that stuff.” I assured him that we had a number of tins of the sweet stuff and could make the squares. But he said that condensed milk in the cupboard was not the right kind. “It’s supposed to be SWEETENED. It tells you right on the label!” he said. I thought that maybe he had drunk the sweetened kind so much that he thought there was no other kind. As we didn’t have any of that sweetened stuff, I bought a couple cans when we went to the store the next day. I needed one unsweetened kind for the lemon squares and the sweetened milk for the orange squares because he didn’t think his family would like the lemon ones.


[ A major ingredient for shortcake ]

Another dessert I usually make is strawberry shortcake, with homemade biscuits and plenty of beautiful red berries all chopped up with sugar, something I haven’t thought of in a long, long time! Since I was born in late June, strawberry shortcake was MY special dessert till I was in my late teens. I can’t remember as a kid ever having another dessert, although sometimes I would have ice cream if my folks could come up with the cost of that delightful food. Sometimes I would end up being sick because I had eaten so much dessert!

We also took some homemade tomato juice and frozen corn that we had made a lot of this summer. Just a beautiful color and the taste was great.

Chico 170429 Necktie

[ Chico Pup ]

Since Dale doesn’t enjoy driving at night and I am even worse at that delightful task, David arranged for someone in the family to do the job. Fortunately, Beckie, who lives several hours south of us, had spent some time in running with friends on a 5K in her town, and by the time all had been taken care or, she stopped along the way to pick us up. Her chihuahua dog Chico was with her, of course, as they are never separated except when she is working.

When we climbed the stairs to the upper part of the house, we were met by Chico who seemed to be enjoying the people around him. Chasing here and there in the living room, out to the kitchen, and dining room, and back, smiling all the way!  (more tomorrow) – CHRIS

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