Gramma Christoph

October 21 – Today we are featuring a guest blog from Richard Christoph, one of my Erie nephews. He wrote the following about his grandmother, who just happened to be my mother as well!


[ Gramma’s iris garden ]

Gramma was an awesome woman. One who worked from sun-up to sun-down, giving thanks for every crop she grew and every weed she pulled. Didn’t matter to our gramma, she saw everything as something to gain from, or learn from. Food for the body, and weeds to remind us of our nature.

Some weeds had to stay in the ground, for to pull them would have also destroyed the beautiful irises she had grown. Weeds are like battles in our lives; some you learn to ignore while others we do something about. Like battles, you choose the ones that need attention and ignore the little burr in the pants or stone in the shoe.

Some of us go through sickness, aching bones, loss of sight or hearing, but the Lord does not care. Well, not in the sense that we do, for He communicates with us in a totally different realm, a spiritual realm, one we cannot see or feel, but we know is there.


[ Photographer Richard ]

That’s the way my gramma was. She would pray for us every day, and give thanks to the Almighty God and Creator of heaven and earth, even though she might not have seen a change in us: she had faith!

Ever sit out at night by yourself on a clear night, lay back and just look at the stars? Countless stars, and so, so far away. He holds all things together simply by the words of His mouth. We are going to meet Him some day. None of us will stand before Him, not until we are changed to be like Him. Oh, the grace of God! “How can it be that Thou my God shouldst die for me!”

And there is another woman who prays for us every day. She is married to my Uncle Dale. Her mom taught her pretty well, I would say! Both planted and both weeded well into their 90’s (I believe.) The Lord has put angels in our paths. She has helped me to learn to pray for my family!


[ “The shy little guy” ]

I hope that in my lifetime I will have a similar effect on my children, great-grandchildren, nieces, and nephews so this was just a moment that I felt like sitting down and writing my thoughts to people I love!

However, don’t expect this too often, though; after all, “I am the shy little guy my Gramma, Aunt and Uncle remember. Now don’t all of you siblings of mine go and ruin that thought! – RICHARD

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2 Responses to Gramma Christoph

  1. Linda says:

    Nice essay Rich. You described Grandma perfectly. I’m blessed to have you as a brother and to have such a loving and supportive family. Linda


  2. Richard of Redding says:

    Beautiful tribute to a fine Grandma, Cousin Rich. Thanks for composing this and for all the exceptional photos you share with us—Grandma Christoph would have loved to view each of them and would have celebrated your talent and appreciation of nature’s wonder.


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