Peacock Wrap (2 of 2)

October 10 – OK, time to finish up the Peacock Post from earlier this week…


[ Patiently waiting ]

When I get up in the morning, the first thing I do is go out to the kitchen and check out the back door. Just about always, at least one of the birds and usually both, are seated comfortably on the cement porch. If I softly call, “Oh, there you are,” or, “How are you this morning?” I hear their response, “I’m fine, but where’s my Cheerios!”

They have worked so had to get rid of the few quills that are left, but it seems as if they can’t pull them off! I think they might have been working on the job ever since they came to our house back in the middle of August, almost two months ago. I have tried to think of a plan to get the feathers out, but I have to admit that I don’t have the answer!


[ Front porch guests ]

Sometimes when we sit out on the front porch, the birds will come right up on the porch to see what we are doing. Other times they are content to just be near us as they plop out on the grass to see what we are doing. And the cat? She is content to sit on her bench and watch the birds. If we are inside while the birds are out on the porch, Cat rushes to the door and begs to shoot out as soon as possible so she can be part of the family too.

When our tomatoes first began to ripen, we noticed that some of the fruit had holes in them, showing us that something was stealing those tomatoes! At first we wouldn’t let the peacocks into the garden thinking that maybe they had been doing the damage. So we kept all three gates closed, not even thinking that they could fly right over any of the gates! Still, something was taking our much awaited tomatoes!


[ Datura flowers ]

The solution? I picked the whole patch every other day, and that took care of the problem. Now we let the birds have the run of the place, usually ending up near one fence where beautiful pink and white cleomes are blooming, along with the white datura. There they would lie on their stomachs, enjoying the sun and the breeze, BUT, when we left that area after the picking, they followed us right up to the house to stay for the afternoon.

So here we are, right up through today when the peacocks were enjoying the food set out for them, when they went back to see what was going on in the garden area, what special things they would have to eat, and which shed roof they would sleep on for the night. I watched them as I looked through the window as they were preening themselves on the porch. Quite a surprise one day awhile back when I first saw the birds pecking each other’s mouth or nose or both. I still can’t figure out why they do that now and again. Must be some kind of ritual, but I don’t know which.

I do know that both Dale and I have learned a lot about peacocks while the neighbor’s two have lived with us. Such beautiful colors. Such friendship between the two. Such agreement. Such interesting birds. So friendly with us. Such a blessing from the Lord who takes care of them every day! – CHRIS


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