Peacock Wrap (1 of 2)

October 8 – Remember the words, “All quiet on the Western Front?” Well, when I looked out on the front porch recently and saw no evidence of anything other than Quiet, I was reminded of the statement above, taken from some folks’ books about World War I. Such a difference between living in the nearby city areas and enjoying life out here far from town and all of the noise and people that take away the quiet time that all should be able to enjoy every day.

181007 Peackocks Shed

[ Where the peacocks spend the night ]

Just checked on the two peacocks I have written about earlier. I am planning that this will be my last blog about those birds who have come to be a real part of our family. We just take for granted that they are no longer afraid of us, that they count on the foods we set out for them, that they really love to lounge in the sun, preen their feathers for a good part of every day, and above all, just seem to enjoy being with us, and with the cat as well! However, not once have they come too close to us, but keep their distance to make sure that they will always be free.

As soon as the skies darken a bit, and I can see the beautiful red or gold sunset in the west, I shut the garage door, reminding them that it is time for them to go out to the shed. There they will take their usual route, right on up to the high barn roof where they will spend the night.

181007 Peacocks waiting

[ Waiting for breakfast ]

Sometimes we get up earlier than they do, and find them down in the garden. Other times, if we choose to stay in bed a little longer, we find the birds waiting for us just outside the garage door. They look up at us, and then in their own language, they say sweetly, “Where’s our breakfast? We’re hungry, and we really enjoy those Cheerios, potato chips, and fancy bread. No need for a drink because we can get water from the big bowls in the garage or near the bird feeder.” They might add, “It’s nice to have food every day, to go along with the insects; lots of them around here for us to eat. We even enjoy Japanese beetles and a few other good-tasting insects, or just plain ‘bugs,’ all over the area.”

181007 FewFeathers

[ Not much of a tail there, folks! ]

When we first saw the birds, we noticed that they were pecking and preening and trying to pull off some of their long feathers as they moved along the way. How I have enjoyed finding some of those quills, especially when several smaller feathers with the beautiful blue-green color first started to appear. Those poor birds! One has two more feathers left to pull out, and the other larger one has five! Nowadays I think they spend much more time trying to peck those feathers out than they do in finding food! Sometimes their entire head is buried under feathers. If I can sneak up on them while they are in that position, they seem to get quite a shock to see me watching them! (part 2 tomorrow) – CHRIS

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