A Bird on the Ground

August 24 – The other day as I was walking around in the backyard, and enjoying the cooler weather – notice the ER at the end of cooler? We have been in the nineties now for a couple weeks, and have finally decided that the air conditioning is the way to go. However, we still try to get outside for awhile each day even if it is really HOT out there.

Suddenly the cat came out of nowhere and walked quickly to the place where a young robin sat, partly hidden by longer grass in some areas. Then I saw two robins flying all along the fence near the bird. They had a language all their own, “Please help me! Your cat has found our baby!” Another quick movement by the baby bird, moving away from the cat, and I continued to keep her out of the area.

Several more move, with the cat trying to see the bird close-up, and the parents flying all over the place to save it, while I used a small branch of a nearby tree to keep the cat away. Finally we moved over to the fence and the little hill where the small bird had found a place to hide to save her life from the cat.

180824 DogBird

[ Our dog was more bird-friendly! ]

Of course, and Dale agreed to this, if the cat had come close enough to provide nourishment for itself, we doubt it would ever even try. While we still had a dog, we found the cat which was not yet OUR cat up in the barn, way above the floor. After the dog had died, the cat came down now and again when she saw us, but it took a long time for her to decide that maybe we would be happy to fill in the place left by the dog. Eventually, she finally decided that maybe we could make a home for her, and she stayed.

She is no longer an outside cat, although she really likes to pretend she is. That’s why we both think that she would never harm a bird. Or for that matter a snake or puppy or even a cat. She is just happy that she has a family now and never planned on harming the bird.

180824 Barn

[ Where the cat used to live ]

In the first place, and this is strange, the cat has had so many opportunities to stalk and catch a bird that it took us awhile to figure out that she had a strange diet before coming down to visit with us. She must have eaten many times her weight in rats and mice, as what else could she do for food, as she lived up in that attic!

When she decided to stay with us, we tried to feed her bits of meat that we had bought just for her, along with milk but do you think she would even try it? Not at all. After about five years of living with us, she still eats nothing but dry cat food!

So I guess we are all thankful that at least the little bird may now grow up to be an adult one. – CHRIS

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1 Response to A Bird on the Ground

  1. Marc-André says:

    It’s so difficult to get cats used to dry food of it.


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