Snow (Yes, an Odd Subject!)


[ Snow in April ]

June 21 – This is going to be an odd topic for a blog on the longest day of the year, but it can be a cooling reminder of days not so long ago when the temps didn’t reach the 90s every day!

I can remember as recently as April that we were all tired of the late-in-the-year snow! Reading back in my diary, I was reminded of looking out the window and seeing the yard covered with snow, even though nothing was really buried under the white stuff. I said to myself, “When is this going to end!” We had had snow for the past three Sundays at that point, and again, all those Sundays were in April! When I first heard the predictions I thought that maybe those guys were playing an April Fool’s joke! But they weren’t! Every day we heard from the TV weatherman that we were setting new records.


[ Ice cold weather]]

And it wasn’t just the snow – there were cold temperature records as well that were broken. I am pretty sure that even the weathermen who know it all, had to apologize on occasion for their predictions. But they did it quietly! I am really glad that I don’t have a job like theirs.

Dale and I both had to laugh one day while we were in town – we passed a signboard on a church where someone had set up the letters this way:


Of course the inches of snow that we lived through a couple of months ago is such a tiny bit compared to how much snow fell in the eastern part of the US, and even down south. Watching the news reports on TV, we just had to feel sorry for those who barely got rid of the snow from one storm before the next arrived.


[ Snow on the porch ]

Several of our relatives in Pennsylvania and Massachusetts kept in touch with us, and wrote about about the icy cold conditions there and how much snow they have had to shovel before that new storm arrives, sometimes right on the same day. Of course, we were only complaining about our one inch or so! And with the temperatures over the last couple of weeks, I think most of us would be glad to HAVE an inch of snow, even if for only a little while. – CHRIS

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