Town Day Mixed With Wire

June 4 – As most of our readers know, Thursday is our shopping day in Pleasant Hill. Our first stop on a recent trip was at the post office, where we met and visited with two friends, both Richards – former and present post masters, and Kim, a third friend who sold us a sheet of stamps.


[ Books from Thrift ]

From there we went up the street for just a block or so, to the thrift store where we browse a lot but buy very little. We already have too many knickknacks in our house! Pat, the lady in charge, told us that a house wren had made its nest in or under an aloe vera plant in her yard. We always used to have house wrens in our yard and they would sing long and endlessly in the summer, but now we rarely hear them and wonder where they have gone. We just have Carolina wrens that like to sing Teacher Teacher Teacher Teacher. They love to find hidden places in neglected rooms in barns and sheds, and build their nests there.


[ Troublesome wire mesh ]

After doing our usual shopping at Price Chopper grocery store, we went home, had a very late breakfast, and went out into the yard to drag away the rest of the cut trees that Robbie had taken care of. Then Chris got down to mowing, and while she was mowing in the garden space where nothing was planted, the mower suddenly ceased to operate. She searched and pried around, and found that a smallish sheet of wire netting had been lying in the grass and got tangled in the mower blades. I went over to help out and after a while we managed to extricate the piece with the use of a prybar and concrete block.

While we were working on the mower, the sound of an unusual aircraft flying overhead drew our attention, and there overhead was the odd shape of a stealth bomber, heading towards Kansas City. We don’t see those very often. Later, as I sat in the living room, I saw through the window a stray cat in the front yard, inspecting the premises before moving on around the house. The next time I was in the garage, there were TWO cats there – our fat cat lying on top of the truck, and the stranger in the back of the truck. The stranger was alarmed by my entrance and quickly exited and left for other regions.

180604_Ornate Regular turtles

[ Regular and Ornate box turtles ]

Another unexpected creature was in our garden, digging a hiding place in my row of calico lima beans. It was an ornate box turtle, which I removed to a distant spot in the yard. Today, Monday the 21st, it was back in the garden again, this time digging a hole near our tomato patch. Took it over to the compost heap and released it there. Maybe it will appreciate the soft composition and dig a permanent hole there.

We are now seeing this season’s fireflies, flitting over the pastures. One came right up to our glass front door and shone its brilliant light to us. Seen through the glass like that, the light is very sharp and bright. On Saturday we saw our first rabbit, on the lawn, and when it ran off, the cat that was on the front porch rushed over to see where it was going. Not to the garden, I hope, to munch on our cabbage plants! At least they are all under wire netting. The cabbage butterflies have not shown up but doubtless soon will and the netting does not deter them. Sevin dust will. I hate cabbage caterpillars…

Until next time, good-bye to all. Have a great week! – DALE



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