Family Time – Mom


[ Ma in later years ]

April 10 – Mom never worked outside of the home after she and Pa were married. As a young teen, she was sent out to live in the home of an elderly man who needed somebody to do the cooking, cleaning, and laundry because his wife had died. She did the best she could with the knowledge gained during her years in school.

With all of her responsibilities she didn’t have much time to read or write, but she must have thought it was important because by the time she was married, she was using her math to sell produce at her stand along the roadside.

She took baskets of vegetables and fruits from our property to one of the largest department stores in town, and sold all of the produce. She didn’t use an iPad to come up with the totals, either! Just used her head!


[ Africa poem ]

Her skill with words enabled her to write many poems on all subjects. In fact, I could go right now to a drawer in which her book is kept. I am still touched, really touched, by the lengthy poem she wrote for me when I sailed to Africa to become a missionary.


[ Poetry book ]

She also played an ancient upright piano that sat in the corner of our living room. I don’t know how she got that piano, but I do remember that it got a lot of use when we were kids. Mom played any piece “by ear,” even if she didn’t know it! If we kids would hum or sing the first few lines, she would join us till she had played the entire song, at least twice!

Her dad, who was born and lived in Germany most of his life, and taught music there, came over the ocean to provide a better life for his children. He was well known in that area as he was the organist in several churches.

Well, that’s a little bit about my mom and pa, and in a future blog, I will try to introduce all of their nine kids! – CHRIS

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