Hugs and Kindness (Part I)


[ You get a hug, you get a hug, EVERYBODY gets a hug! ]

March 7 – I have been thinking of this blog off and on for quite sometime now, and wondering if some of our readers might have the same experience we have had along the way. On the other hand, though, it’s just as probable that you need a little more of the hugs and kindness given by friends and neighbors, clerks in the stores, or even in your own families. I remember reading that “love truly does make the world go round,” and gives folks a new outlook on life.

Sometimes, because we are somewhat shy or hesitant to express our love and appreciation for others, even in our own families, we just don’t say anything to show that folks are really special to us and a good part of our blessings through every day. If we smile shyly or broadly, and we see the answering smile on others’ faces, we build up enough courage to try that experiment once again. The warm feeling that comes over us is brought on only by our showing love to others, many of whom we don’t even recognize by their build or their clothes, but just by their smiles. After a bit of time goes by, and we see those same folks in the stores or post office, or even on the sidewalk, the next week, we feel a bond with them, and tell them how good it is to be a part of their lives.


[ The Postoffice Gang ]

Every week when we travel over the back roads to our little town, we look forward to seeing our friends who work in the post office there. Even Richard, the former manager stops in to see us each week before he kindly helps with any problem that may have arisen since last week! He sometimes tries to hide around the corner of the area so we can’t see him, but that is, for him, a real problem! It’s hard to hide his height no matter what he tries to stand behind. It’s always good for us to see how many of those who come for stamps, or to mail packages, call out a greeting to him, and what a surprise to hear him call those folks by name! Richard was not only devoted to his customers, but always did what he could to make people happy.

One day as we discussed our activities, we mentioned that we had taken part in the Harvesters program at our church a few days before. Right then he decided that he would drive over to help the group as they distributed the food—if that would be okay! Be okay? Of course, and his work would be greatly appreciated! He has now come a number of times and plans to continue helping others, while using his special big smile to introduce himself to those who come for food. Not just food to eat, but love and kindness that will keep the folks counting their blessings!

I wouldn’t want to forget our friend Kim who works at the counter or Rick, the present postmaster. Both have delightful smiles and always give us handshakes across the counter as they continue to take care of the business that must be done. And if some of us procrastinators don’t get our letters to the post office as quickly as we should, the recipients will later receive an unexpected boost, as they relish the good thoughts sent to them by their friends, even though those wishes are late!


[ At the Thrift Store ]

After we leave the post office, we move on to the nearby Thrift Store to greet our good friends there. When we occasionally miss a week, we are always more than surprised at the greetings from both the staff and those who were purchasing items. Once recently just as U opened the front door, Pat, the director came over to me. After her usual big hug and huge smile, she asked, “Where were you last week? Were you sick? Were you too busy to come? Are you all right?”

When she had asked all her questions, with a hug or two in between, I replied, “No, not sick, and not too busy, but we had our yearly check-up with the doctor, and yes, we are all right!” Now Pat does not weigh very much, and she is taller than I, but I managed to hug her several times while talking with her. Her eyes sparkled while she said, “Well, I’m glad you’re feeling well and happy as usual. And where’s Dale?” When she saw him across the room, off she went to deliver one of her loving hugs! (to be continued – parts II and III coming up…) – CHRIS

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1 Response to Hugs and Kindness (Part I)

  1. Jim Willid says:

    Of course she’s taller than you Chris
    everyone is taller than you.

    But that makes you loveable and hug-able


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