Book Plates. Or is that Books AND Plates?


[ Cartridge from Cartridge World ]

December 28 – Earlier this month we were trying to find a parking place near Cartridge World where we buy new cartridges for our printer. I went in with Dale as he made the purchase, and then as we had some time to kill before our next stop, we decided to take a look at what treasures we might find in the nearby thrift shop. A pretty crowded place with folks going through displays of all kinds of dishes, games, stuffed animals, electronics of all kinds, some a little older than others, Xmas decorations, and clothing.

Since we have so many books, and Dale is right now looking through his many shelves of ones he has collected through the years, I hardly even checked out any in the store. However, since we both love books (if you can love an inanimate object), we just couldn’t turn away from those long bookshelves, filled with so many good ones.


[ Books, anyone? ]

About ten minutes later, I had finally joined with Dale’s idea of NOT taking any more home. As we made our way to the door and were ready to leave, one of the workers called out, “Didn’t you find anything? I know there are many good ones, because I stack those shelves myself!” We assured her that we agreed with her but since we had a couple thousand volumes at home already, maybe we wouldn’t take any more to fill up the spaces in the shelves because there’s no space left!

And so I was a bit surprised a couple of days later when I found a pile of eight books lying on the couch. Where did they come from? Dale had already started his pile of books that he wanted to give to schools or friends or someone else who would appreciate that gift.


[ Poetry favorites ]

Since As I look back on all of the many years of my teaching and the shortage of books in my classroom, I know that I surely would! Even now, I have a very hard time donating my books as they are so special to me. Many of them are not in perfect shape, but I know the reason. They have been read and reread so many times that I am not surprised.

Since both Dale and I enjoy good poetry, we have close to one hundred or more of those. Dale is partial to anything that has to do with nature or gardening. I enjoy those of history and geography. What about fiction? Just one line will tell you. We feel that there are so many good books about real happenings and real people that we don’t have any fiction in the shelves.

As we left the store to go back to our small truck, Dale walked ahead of me so did not see what attracted my attention. We are still amazed at what I found. Right in front of me, off to my left, I noticed a nice car with a license plate that told me the driver or owner was handicapped.

171228_Plate3Well, I often see signs like that, but what caught my attention was the rest of the words. I read DF 97L In the top corner was the month “Sep.” and below on the bottom left was “disabled.” At first I didn’t think much of it, but as I passed on by to the next car parked right next to the first, I found CF 97M on that plate! You probably think that was just a coincidence, but to me it was something that wouldn’t happen in a long time. Why? Because the first car had my husband’s initials, and the second had mine! I hurried back to the truck to get my camera. I wanted proof of what I had seen!

As I was taking a couple photos, a man came out of the store and walked on towards me. When he smiled, I asked, “Want to hear a good story? Check out this license plate. Those initials are the same as my husband’s”. Then I walked over to the second car and said, “Now look! Those are my initials!”

The man smacked his fist into his palm, then said, “Hmm. I found out something that you must have missed. Look at your husband’s plate. See the 97 L? That means that his license plate tells that he bought the car in ’97 and chose the L for the rest of his license. The lady’s was also purchased in 97 but her M follows his L! Now this is an interesting happening. You wouldn’t find two cars like that in most parking lots, but more often in the driveway or in the garage of a man and his wife!” – CHRIS

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1 Response to Book Plates. Or is that Books AND Plates?

  1. Maria says:

    You know what? It reminds me of an incident I had a few months ago. I live in Tijuana/San Diego. I was on my way to Walmart, for you that know San Diego – in College Grove. I get a phone call from my brothers girlfriend in Albuquerque. She got into another DV with my brother & this time it was pretty bad. At Walmart I had a funny feeling I was being followed or watched or something. I don’t know what exactly but I just felt a sort of type of way when things are just out of the norm. Starting with a lil girl who was walking with her dad. They went to the same isle I did for vacuum bags & she said, “Look up there dad there is a camera.” She referred to the end of a pipe on the ceiling where one could think it was a hidden one but it wasn’t. I felt like they knew me. I just had this feeling. Then a black man was buying Blunt wraps & seemed like he was talking business because & alot of street talk. I felt as he was Street Acting because it wasn’t normal. Well I got off the long phone call with my brothers girlfriend & we deceided to go down the street to Lemon Grove to the 99cent store. It was real hot that day so my friend that was driving parked at the very end of the parking lot clear across away from the 99 cent store due to my recommendation. We sat in the car for a while playing with our phones then a van parked next to us. What was strange was they didn’t get down either. The driver pulled out a bible in the passanger was a very small old lady in white hair & several kids in the back peeping thru there tinted windows at us. See the place we parked was in a row where there were no cars in the 8 or so spaces there exept us & the mystery van. I call it a mystery van because of what I saw next. Her license plates. It was 6HHE970. It’s funny because I’m known for liking a certain number 69. Not for the sexual act but for the street. I grew up at a 69 street girl where ends my neighborhood & starts a new one in Lomita Village which there known for being there turf after mine and they use 70 anyway looking at the plates. 6HHE970 I’ll point it out to you… 69 which represents me, 70 which represents my friend that was driving & HHE is my brothers initials backwards. What are the chances of that happening & just parking next to us. Where they spying on us. What is going on with these custom plates. Its like these plates tell a story of me & my family & friend or am i looking too much into it?


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