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[ Pesky squirrel ]

December 17 – Chris has been outside recently trying to scare a couple squirrels away from the bird feeder where they have been enjoying the sunflower seeds we put out for the birds. Those squirrels were very bold, and didn’t even scamper away until she was almost right upon them. One of them climbed into the maple tree, flicking its tail vigorously, and when Chris left, down the squirrel came right away to resume its interrupted meal. Such nerve…


[ Possum by the tail ]

Speaking of wild life, I saw an opossum the other day lying in a box of rags under my work bench, and before it could retreat, I slid a board in between it and the gap where it would escape behind the bench. Possum rushed over and collided with the board and whirled around a bit until its tail stuck out handily. I grabbed it and dragged possum out into the open. Called Chris, and she came with her camera and took a few pictures, and then I carried possum out onto the lawn and released it. Hastily it waddled off towards the barn and that was it. It was a large, fat possum and had obviously been enjoying our hospitality.


[ Possum in the window well ]

Just a few days earlier Chris had found it in the garage where it had been eating apples out of an open cooler, and there again I seized it by the tail and took it out and let it go. This time it ran over to a basement window and jumped down into the window-well and just stayed there until we went away. Late last night I looked out the back door, and there was Possum, eating what was left of the bird food for the day. I could just see its white face in the dark.

As I think I have mentioned before, during our trips to town each week we cover roughly 40-some miles on each trip. In Pleasant Hill we stopped at the weather station with the great white ball on a tower, and got sheets showing the sunset hours for a whole year. This is something that Chris shows on the weekly church bulletins that she makes up for the church congregation.


[ Dentist, anyone?]

Then we were off to Lee’s Summit, to see the oral surgeon that had pulled two of Chris’ teeth. He just needed to see how things were going, and that was it, no charge. From now on she will be going back to her regular dentist in Pleasant Hill, who we hope will solve the problem so she can start chewing her food again. Then we were off to Discover Vision to get her glasses adjusted and make an appointment to see the doctor in a few months and let him decide if she needs new glasses.

A few more miles down the road and we arrived at Cartridge World to get ink cartridges for our printer. We wanted two – they only had one. Since they are quite a few miles from home, that was annoying but one will last for quite a while. I put it into the printer, and hope it won’t act like the one it replaced, which had given us a lot of trouble and had to be shaken up each time after just a little printing.

Close at hand was supermarket Hy-Vee and we dropped in to check what they had but the rather high prices sent us back out and over to Goodwill nearby. Their prices also were too much for us, as we are used to the prices of Price Chopper and the thrift store in Pleasant Hill. So back home we went, and had a very late breakfast/lunch. That was my only meal for the day, but Chris had a little snack late in the evening.

Until next time, good bye and be ready to greet Christmas in a couple of days. – DALE

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