The Bridge, Part II

December 13 – Looking back over our blog posts, I just realized I never posted the rest of the dentist story from last month! So, have you been dying to find out what happened when we drove about forty miles to see the special dentist? Well, you’re about to find out!

171213_Solano Office

[ Chris and the dentist’s sign ]

First of all, we got lost in that section of the city. So many avenues, and roads, all mixed up with houses and offices in just one section! Fortunately, when we were driving along, I noticed a young guy walking toward us. I suggested that Dale ask him where we were! Although Dale hates to ask anybody for any kind of help, he agreed. How good to see a broad grin on the young man’s face. Dale explained that we couldn’t find the dentist we wanted, so fortunately the man told him just where to go, as he pointed out a big tooth sculpture and said we would find the name of the dentist with it. Actually we left home very early because we might get lost! We left at NINE to make our ELEVEN o’clock appointment! Well, we did drive forty miles!

In the waiting room were dozens of people waiting to go in for their appointments, more than I had ever before seen, even in hospitals! How those people talked and waved and smiled! I thought they must have a bunch of friends there together, but how could a dozen friends have an appointment on the same day and close to the same time!


[ Aquarium and a fish or two ]

We found two empty chairs right in front of a large aquarium and enjoyed watching the fish chase each other around, and spit out some little white particles they didn’t like. Two goldfishes were swimming all around, with one tiny one following along behind. As Dale said, that one was so little that he was surprised the larger fish didn’t have him for breakfast.

Having to sit in that location for well over an hour, we had to do something to stay awake and not be too bored. Now, just about everyone else was busy, not bored! What were they doing? Talking with friends or family on an iPhone, or whatever they are called. We don’t have anything like that except for the Jitterbug that David bought for us in case we might have a problem away from home and need to reach him. No more phones, as it’s enough for us to write a lot of e-mails and keep busy doing that in the form of letters, not stuff on Facebook, etc.


[ Lady with her cellphone ]

We were treated to a comical situation as we looked across the way where a lady about thirty was using her phone. But, not like the others were! She would take all sorts of positions, sitting on the edge of her chair, lying back in it, holding her arms high in the air while she talked to the other person very loudly! This went on for over an hour until her name was called.

Just beside me there was an empty chair. A smiling young man asked if it would be OK for him to sit there. “Why, sure,” I answered, as I held one of my hands open, “but it will cost you two bucks!” He agreed to the cost, but said he would pay back those two dollars when he was done. A little later when some women came in, they found no seats at all. That polite young guy and another man quickly got up and offered their seats. I don’t see that kind of help and politeness very often these days. The usual feeling, I think is, “What’s in it for me!”

Finally it was time for my appointment, but I wasn’t called until another half hour had passed by! I was met by a lovely young lady, very friendly and professional. By the time she started checking on me, I was really shaking, I guess because I was so worried about what would happen. In came the doctor and talked to me a bit before he did anything. Surely he knew that at that minute I was not a patient all set to receive the treatment!

In the short talk with him, I could tell that he truly loved his job and the people who choose to come for treatments. Not only was he very knowledgeable, but very polite and cheerful as well. I had told the lady at the desk that I didn’t want to be put to sleep, just fixed up so I wouldn’t feel the pain. That’s part of my reputation, I guess! I want to learn more about everything I see and do and it’s pretty hard to do that if I’m asleep!


[ Glass faces on the office wall ]

The first tooth came out quickly with no bother, but what a time the dentist had with the one that was giving the trouble! The doctor propped my mouth open with a plastic gadget so my tongue wouldn’t get in the way. Guess the tongue is like me and wants to know what’s going on. That was not the first time that a dental assistant had to hold that tongue down as it was getting in the way!

Finally that bothersome tooth popped out and the dentist began mopping up the blood and then put a cloth over the area where he had pulled the two teeth. Guess those teeth didn’t want to part company with me after living together for ninety years! The dentist’s parting words? “I’ll see you next Monday, and we’ll check what you want to have done in a couple months!”

Since we had several items to buy, we stopped at Wal-Mart on the way home. Also had to get two prescriptions at Price Chopper where we have so many friends who also shop there. Since my cheek was swollen because of all of the packing done by the dentist, some of the folks wanted to know what had happened to me! Most of their comments were words like, “You mean YOU can’t talk very much? How could that be?”

Back home with no meal till suppertime because we had left too early for breakfast and were back home just about in time for the plumber to arrive. Oh, well, who ate anything anyway? Not me, unless you would count a glass of tomato juice drunken with a straw as the total meal! Good for Dale. He enjoyed so many items he could hardly put them on his tray! However, with all of his driving and talking and picking up my two prescriptions, he really earned that food! It wasn’t his fault that I chose not to eat! – CHRIS





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