Fall, Fire, and Flowers


[ Dale and the weed-eater ]

November 7 – Dale has just passed by telling me that he is on his way to get some work done outside. He has been using the weed eater to clean up some areas of grass today as it’s pretty hard to MOW over the area under the spruces where the old osage row was in place when we moved here nearly twenty years ago. Those tough old trees are proving their ability to last a long time, with most of the stumps still in the same place they were planted so long ago. And since he says it’s time to add Sta-Bil to all our outdoor gas tanks, we’re basically done mowing until next spring.


[ Old door ready for burning ]

I haven’t written a blog for awhile it seems, so I am trying to get my thoughts together At this time of year there are so many interesting things to be taken care of that it’s hard to stay inside. Our burning pile has grown to a pretty large area since it was cleaned up over a year ago. We have been afraid to start a fire in case it got away from us.

We well remember a couple years ago when we set one of our fields on fire, and we just couldn’t put it out. Fortunately, neighbors Harvey and Bob were just driving past on the road and could see what was happening. Down they came with tools they carry around in their farm truck. That left a blackened field, but fortunately nothing was damaged. We really didn’t want the fire to spread to our neighbor’s field the other side of the fence! So we have held off on the burning until our grandson could burn it for us, with the tractor sitting nearby to stop any spreading flames.

We have finished harvesting chestnuts and picking up black walnuts. We just try to keep ahead of the squirrels, but we can tell by the many empty shells lying around under the trees that we have not really been successful! First thing in the morning, as soon as I look out the window, I see that red bushy tailed guy racing around in the area, getting ready to bury his prize chestnuts. Of course, when we arrive with a couple buckets to claim ownership, that sneaky guy is gone!


[ Morning glories ]

Last month as we were driving to church, Dale called out, “Look at that! One of those blue morning glories!” For the last ten years Dale has been planting these beautiful flowers in a row along the fence by the road, especially because our son-in-law Harvey enjoys them so much. As he would drive along the road on his way to his farm tasks, he would enjoy the beautiful sight. However, this year Dale said he “just didn’t feel up to it!” So many tall weeds grew along the fence, that he decided it was too much bother.

But on that day, there it was! Only one plant with only one flower, but it was there to cheer our hearts. By the time we were back home, that blossom had faded and shriveled. I made up my mind right then, that I would get up early enough the next day to get a picture of another one that would open. That I did, and found not one, but two beautiful big blue blossoms as they clung to the wire fence by the road. To me, that was just another proof that God loves us always, whether we are plants or people! – CHRIS

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