In Which Richard Comes to Harvesters


[ Dale amidst the boxes ]

October 17 – Probably most of you have become acquainted via our blog with the work of Harvesters in this area. This group works so hard to see that those who don’t have much food in their pantries or fridge, are treated to enough to make a number of nourishing meals.

Every 2nd Wednesday of the month, the big truck comes into our church parking lot where a group of volunteers, some church members, others with just a heart of gold to help out with the distribution. Sometimes a problem comes up, and we can’t start at 9:30 am as we usually do, but not long after that, when the various kinds of food are all ready to be given out, the volunteers move to the boxes they will be taking care of.

Years ago, when the program first began at the present site, the food was in various compartments in the truck. However, not too long ago, it was put on palettes which were removed from the truck and placed in a semi-circle in the driveway. Makes it much easier for the volunteers to do their part in distribution. When the food was in the truck, it was hard for short people like me to reach the food at the top of the big boxes! I had to nab someone taller to cut part of the cardboard away, not once, but several times before the box was empty. With the new palette program, I can pick up the food from the front or back or side, whichever I choose.

This time, however, one pallete while being lifted out of the truck was jiggled around enough that it broke the supporting bands and fell heavily to the gravel driveway! Whish! Whoosh! Sizzly Sounds! Finally, all was quiet, but the soda pop was scattered here and there finally landing in a big heap. Was that pop wasted? Not at all except for those that had popped open!

171017_CarLinesOne of the teen-age volunteers, a relative of Pam and Dennis who were instrumental in getting the Harvesters to the church, decided he was going to do what he could to save that pop! As the cars were moving slowly up past that area, he quickly went to them, one by one, and asked what kind of pop they would like. Running quickly to the pile, he found the pop and ran back with the drink the drivers chose. Talk about a considerate and bright young man!

After unloading, all is ready for the program to begin! Richard, a good friend to so many in the Pleasant Hill area (and former postmaster), and a special friend to us, asked if he could come to help! Could he?!?!! Since we are always in need of volunteers, we didn’t hesitate or take time to think about the offer.


[ Richard and Dale \

So this time at the end of the line, Richard took his place carting ten-pound sacks of potatoes to the waiting cars and pick-up trucks. Dale was next in line with huge heads of cabbage. I enjoyed delivering beautiful melons.

As usual there were so many different kinds of food that it’s hard to remember all of them. Besides the potatoes, cabbage, and melons, here’s a list from memory: watermelon, avocados, buns, strawberries, mushrooms, eggs, papaya, pineapples, grapes, mangoes, plantain, flower bouquets, bread, and more.

I think I have mentioned in earlier blogs, that I really do like to talk to people, to give hugs or handshakes, and just to find out how they are doing. At first, I was in a bit of trouble because I talked instead of giving out the food, so Mike always worked near me so he could do what I should have been doing! Young and friendly Josh does the same thing, so even if I’m not doing my duty, I am enjoying conversations with people who might need a little pat on the back or a few words of assurance! (more tomorrow on this subject…) – CHRIS

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