Old Books, Old Letters


[ Old poetry books from the Moyers ]

October 12 – As my mom used to say when we were kids many years ago, “I’ve been so busy today that you’d have a hard time following me around!” Way back then I couldn’t understand what she was talking about, because I always thought that kids of my age could run around a lot, and could easily beat out any adult. Besides, who could be that busy?!

I often found myself up in my favorite tree with a book in my hand, reading away by the hour—after I had completed the chores Mom had for me to do. Guess that’s why I didn’t want to sleep in for a couple hours after my dad had gone on to work. Seemed to me a real waste of good time, especially when I could be reading a good book. Not that we owned many ourselves because the wages Dad made didn’t do much besides buy the things we really needed. Sometimes the school library had sales of out-of- date books that we could buy. Not too many because we didn’t have enough nickels or dimes to buy more than a couple.


[ Textbooks, anyone? Dutch Twins? ]

But what really made me feel happy was the fact that one of our neighbors, Ellen Falvey, the teacher in a little country school, noticed that all of us kids really loved to read, so she would let us borrow enough books to read for the summer! How well I remember The Dutch Twins, Tom Sawyer, Little Men, Little Women, Little House on the Prairie, In the Big Woods, The Little Engine That Could, and so many others.

Now and again these days as we go to a garage sale, I buy up all (and there might be only one, or not even that) the old books, even text books that I can find. So interesting and fragile they are! But these days, when I am about my mom’s final age, I, too seem to be busy all of the time, and get some of my reading done while I am working, using an old cassette tape, or a CD that I carry around outside in a case when I work in the garden or mow the lawn.


[ Old Minuteman yearbook cover ]

Speaking of old things, I recently enjoyed sorting through a collection of “paper work” that my son David brought for me to look at. They were a collection of cards, letters, and memories from an old friend of the family who died a number of years ago. Sure did enjoy them, including a ton of cards sent to her by her husband. There was even a WWII ration book with many of the stamps still in place. – CHRIS

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