Thoughts on Harvey, Irma, and Maria

October 9 – As I sit here in the comfort of our home this evening, I am reminded again how blessed we are and how thankful we should be to know that we have nothing of the sad days that the folks in Puerto Rico, Texas, and Florida are still recovering from.

171009_MariaPathNo longer is a news broadcast what it used to be when there were at least a few words spoken or a smile on the face of the news anchor or in the broadcast itself. Dale and I were talking about that just a few days ago. By the time all of the shocking news items have been on the TV or radio, there’s just no time left to tell about anything else and to help us to meet problems with courage, and even thankfulness that we are still alive, that we have water and electricity that our friends are not suffering or among the missing.

One of the saddest parts of the news is this: folks, who have lost so much of anything they ever owned, finally get the OK to go back to their home to see how much they have lost. There they find that a good many of the possessions they had to leave behind when they took shelter in various approved places, were nowhere to be found. Someone figured out what to do to steal some of the few items those folks had left. Dale and I have discussed that many times, and I guess we just don’t understand that sort of behavior. How in the world could a person make off with the very few possessions left behind by flood victims?

171009_StormCleanupIn these sad days, I often find myself sitting in one of the big chairs watching TV and listening to the reporters and cameramen in so many locations, the latest in Florida, telling of any changes in the areas, those who suffered with Harvey, and the poor folks in Puerto Rico who are left with nothing. All are facing a monumental task of trying to get back to normalcy.

When I saw the diagrams on TV of the THREE storms all in the same area just waiting to show their power, I could hardly believe they would settle down in various locations so close to each other, just showing who is boss! Where are the people of the islands who were pounded with storms before those storms moved north! Where are those in Mexico, with so many dead? How many years will it take to get back to what used to be normal in Texas, or Florida, or several other states north of them?

One of the things that I know I would really miss is a glass of cold water! When I take the plastic bottle out of the fridge to enjoy, I can’t help but wonder how much a person in the hurricane area would enjoy, even just a swallow or two!

171009_IrmaCleanupWhen I think of those highways with all the bumper-to-bumper traffic, with families who tried to move out of the way of danger, I wonder how their children felt about the whole sad story. So many have never seen or heard of anything like this in their short lives. With their schools closed, with friends scattered, with nothing at the shelters but real necessities if they even have those, life is not the same. They will never forget these sad days and would give a lot to go back to normal.

Adults will have a very difficult time as well, trying to salvage what they can of their former home before they went to live in a shelter. What will most of them do, with hardly any having flood insurance, when it comes time to rip out all of the ruined walls and floors, and try to replace their ranges and fridges, their furniture and bedding. It is very hard for those of us who have had no connection with the plight of those down south to really understand the problems.

This has not been a very cheerful blog this time, but I’m sure it’s not very cheerful for those folks either. Please keep them in your prayers – CHRIS

NOTE: just to be clear, I did not take any of the pictures in this post.


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