Separate Us From Our Money?

September 19 – Recently had an interesting conversation that turned into a recitation about the times callers would come up with their plan to “rip you off,” as friends used to say. One of the three of us present would tell about a guy who could well be in a foreign country, as we have had so many callers like that every month. Another would call from the same place, and still another, and more, all hoping that we would give answers to their questions; the ones that would give them a chance to find our telephone number. All three of us would rather go to a real store and buy what we need, rather than order on line or just give up information that these callers tried to get.

170919_MagazineGiftCardThe crowning touch came later that day when our mail was delivered to our box out front. When Dale handed me the mail, I started to sort through it. Included in the mail was a letter from a magazine asking us to send a subscription to our friends, an especially appropriate gift at Christmas! As if those folks don’t know we are already sending out gift subscriptions… And to top it off, the letter was addressed to my father-in-law who died back in 1980! Let me see now; he has been in his grave for just short of 37 years. Wonder who made THAT mistake!

Now on a much lighter note. After I had finished hanging out the laundry (did I mention that our clothes poles are really long and strong pieces of bamboo?) We have a huge patch of that and whenever we do some trimming of the dead canes, we have more than enough for our use. Guess most folks never hang out any clothes so they don’t need poles. But I am so glad that we can enjoy the fresh smell of clothes dried outside.

170919_ConeFlowersWhile I was outside, I took time to trim the coneflowers, or Echinacea, if you want to act as if you are really familiar with that name. Usually I try to do that cutting about once weekly during the season, but it has been hot and humid this last few weeks that I just couldn’t do it. Off to the garage to get a pair of scissors and back to the dozens of plants with lots which had gone to seed, and others which had lost their bright pink color. You can be sure I cut as fast as I could so I could finish the job before I fainted! The heat is bad enough, but when the humidity is as high as it has been lately, it’s hard to be outside very long.

170919_SungoldA little later in the afternoon after we had stayed inside for awhile, I decided to pick the tomatoes. We only have a few left; lots of the little golden ones and a number of bright pinkish ones that aren’t really ripe, but in the house they will ripen. Who knows how many we would have had to toss into the compost heap if we had left them on the vines till they were ripe? – CHRIS

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