All Quiet Along the Country Road

September 14 – Enjoyed some time out on the front porch where I so much enjoyed just being quiet, putting things in perspective at the twilight of another day, and taking time to remember the many blessings that we have every day.


[ Evening clouds ]

All was so quiet, that as my dad used to say, “so quiet that you could hear a pin drop.” No cars going by, as the folks have all gone home from their work at the office or hospital, and it’s too late to hear the tractors and hay balers moving along as they have been doing every day for sometime now.

These tractors are equipped with lights so they can still do their job after dark, but that’s not the best time to make hay! Speaking of lights, in one of the houses just across the pasture the three big windows facing us were a glistening bright red/orange as the sun was setting behind our house.

Off to the north I saw tiny pink clouds and the trail left behind when a big plane dropped down as the pilot was preparing to land at the city airport in a short time.

I noted how the flag was hanging from the pole, not moving an inch, while earlier this week it was really blowing up a storm.


[ Sing-song singer ]

However, in the quietness, I could hear the sound of locusts with their sing-song music as they enjoyed being back to their usual singing this time of year. On both sides of our yard, the doves were showing their enjoyment of the peace and quietness at the end of the day. When everything else is listening, they softly sing their good night music and rest for another concert in the morning.

As I quietly read about God’s promises to us and the care He has for all His creatures, I heard Dale calling from the living room where he was listening to a talent program. “Look! Look over by the mock orange.” When I checked on that area, I found a small brown rabbit, sitting very quietly. But he didn’t stay long! By the time I got my camera from the house, that quiet little bunny was already moving slowly out of the area. Several times I tried to get his picture, but I don’t think he wanted it in this blog. Actually, I’m pretty sure I mentioned him in an earlier blog when he met up with a snake right out by the woodpile by the barn.

As I turned to check out the pink clouds again, I reminded myself that I need to cut back the big bed where scores of beautiful Lollipop lilies bloomed so nicely this spring. A gift from our nephew Roy in Massachusetts, they have been a bright spot in our landscape for some time now.


[ Inquisitive cat ]

Sometimes I wonder if Cat isn’t thinking we are lonely when we sit out on the porch by ourselves. Tonight when I went out to the kitchen to check on something, she jumped off the roof of our truck and hurried over to the door where I was standing. Just opened the screen door a bit, and she was in the house eating some of her favorite food. Yes, she was glad to be back with us again. Only it turned out that she wasn’t!

As soon as I went out onto the porch, there she was at the front door, whimpering a bit as she told me she wanted to join me. When I sat down she walked all around my feet, begging to be petted. I know she doesn’t have any doubts about our doing just that. After a bit it was time for her to make her many times daily scratching the wood border around the porch. I think her claws must be made of steel!


[ Robin’s nest by the garage ]

Other birds were here earlier today, but they don’t stay to sing or fly. Two cardinals came along this morning; a vulture family of seven flew all over the pasture across the road while searching for food, dead though it is! Two of the birds perched on the bare top of a tree while watching their parents find food for them. On the back lawn, earlier this morning our family of six and sometimes eight robins were busy finding food for the day.

I try to set aside a quiet time almost every day, just to take in the life around me and the beautiful colors and shapes that I so much appreciate. – CHRIS

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