Hurricane Harvey Hurts

September 2 – While I sit here at the computer, with plenty of light, both artificial and natural with the sun shining through both windows, with all of the furniture and food and clothing, mostly in the same spot as they were earlier this morning, it is almost impossible for me to share the feelings of loss that the folks in Texas are feeling right now. How could anyone understand what it is like to lose everything to the rain and high waters!


[ Hurricane Harvey ]

Dale and I have talked about this every day since Hurricane Harvey arrived, bringing with it damage and sadness, and since we did not experience any of the dangerous waters and flooding that were everywhere in the hurricane’s path, we just can’t feel their fear and frustration and loss of hope, no matter how hard we try. The whole situation has been in our prayers off and on every day since we first heard of the problem and of what might take place in a few days.

When we first heard the news commentators talk about Harvey, we chuckled a bit and decided we would have a good time making fun of Harvey, our son-in-law, who would never knowingly harm anyone, so we knew that he didn’t mind the jokes about him and his promised turning into a big hurricane. But we had no idea how this would all turn out in the days to come. In the beginning, I took photos off the Internet just with Harvey’s name on somewhere along with where the storms would settle down.


[ The water rises ]

As the storm continued hour by hour, with the rains and hurricane winds, it wasn’t long until we began to wonder if all of the forecaster’s news would take place. If so, at least 50 inches of rain would hit the area, mostly in the big cities of Texas, like Houston. It seemed as if we just couldn’t stay away from the TV even though we could do nothing but pray for all of those who were being hit so hard with the winds and rain. Most of the big TV stations did nothing but inform us about the dangers and suffering of the people who were being evacuated. As the days went by, more and more folks had to leave their homes and go off in a boat to a safe place like storm shelters or churches.


[ Whitecaps on the interstate ]

In the arms of their mother, little children with wide eyes, were so frightened that they didn’t even say or do anything but cling to their moms and say good bye to all they had known for the short years of their lives. What were roads where cars and trucks moved along just a day or two ago, were now a sheet of water, quickly moving on to the flood stage. Most of those cars had to be abandoned, as nobody or nothing could save them. Soon after the beginning of the hurricane and heavy rain, many small boats were moving up and down the “rivers or lakes,” trying to rescue folks who were unable to get to safety on their own. Bridges collapsed. Not much hope for the victims as they tried to make a little home for themselves in the refugee areas. Some of the victims had been taken up by a helicopter and deposited on building roofs. Many older people were rescued from their homes for the elderly, as the water continued to rise while they sat in wheel chairs, waiting to be taken to safety.


[ 50 inches of rain ]

Unfortunately, Harvey touched down three times before it decided to go on past Houston to the east, and give many others a sad time. In some places the hurricane dropped over FIFTY inches of rain before leaving the areas.

As the news broadcasts continued from morning till night on the first day of the hurricane, I decided to take some pics off the screen showing various problems brought on by Harvey. The reason? I wanted to get a number of scenes along with HURRICANE HARVEY in words so I could have something to remember this special story about our wonderful son-in-law. In the beginning I was much more interested in his name than in the promised hurricane. A couple days later, it was just the opposite. So many inches of rain, such high winds, so many people leaving their homes and moving on to shelters was much more important than Harvey’s name on the TV screen.


[ The caption says it all ]

So I will be watching the news for some time yet, as the storm is to move on into other areas of Texas and then Louisiana, with the chance of doing a good deal of damage there.

Yes, we are thankful that we didn’t have a hurricane in our area, that we didn’t have to leave our home, and that we can help to support those who did. So many have no idea in the world what they will be doing tomorrow, let alone in weeks or even years to come. I can never experience the feelings of others until I am in the same boat with them, but as I pray for the victims each day I remember what they have lost and ask God to be with each one. – CHRIS

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