The Second Wednesday


[ One big cabbage ]

August 13 – As we have written about before, on the second Wednesday of each month, the Harvesters food truck comes to the Kingsville Adventist Church and unloads a LOT of food to be handed out to people in a long line of vehicles in need of food. Many church members come to the church, volunteering to unpack the cartons and containers of food and lay the contents out to be available as each vehicle drove past.

Chris ended up handing out cabbages this time, and I had the 10-lb bags of potatoes. In between us were two large containers of watermelons, and we were fortunate that Mike Sullivan had the watermelons, for he has the strength and energy needed to handle heavy items. The potatoes came five 10-lb bags per large bag, and when a whole large bag was needed, Mike just heaved it into the vehicle. I couldn’t even pick one up!


[ Watermelons – n – stuff ]

Across the driveway, grandson Kevin had everything on that side and we don’t know how he managed to handle it all, but he did a great job. Near to us were the green beans, and in vast quantities. They were all in black plastic cases and many vehicles just got a whole case of them. Some days are hotter than others, and occasionally the heat will drive some of the volunteers to seek refuge in the church now and then. Chris and I don’t use our air conditioning very much at home, so we are used to the heat and managed to tolerate it most of the time.


[ Glad to help! ]

Dennis Schoonover, the man in charge of activities, went around handing out bottles of cold water, and his wife Pam was everywhere, helping where help was needed. Their daughter and her husband and their two children had come to lend a hand and were much appreciated. Our pastor’s wife Marilyn and their three younger children also came to help.

At the end of our road is a family with health and family problems, and we always collect Harvesters food for them and take some back with us at the end of the event. They are so excited and appreciative, and even want to give us money for the gas we use, which is about zero for the two blocks or so that we have to travel to their house. They have four or five little dogs that live with them but are actually owned by their children. They are all jealous of their owners’ attentions and frequently battle for supremacy. One of them has a broken foot as a result.


[ Very visible in our neon shirts ]

On the day following Harvesters, we went to Pleasant Hill to visit and to shop a little. Bought a few things, mostly books, at the thrift store, and decided not to do any grocery shopping since we have more than enough food in the freezers and fridge and elsewhere. On Thursdays we always eat breakfast when we get home from town, usually around noon, and so our supper appetites are minimal until quite late.

A friend and neighbor from down the road a few blocks, Clay Marquis, stopped in for a visit as he was driving out this way, and we had a nice long chat about all our affairs and our gardens and the weather. Dinner was calling, so he said farewell and drove away to fix a meal and take a nap. Afterwards, I did some reading and just maybe took the chance to take a nap as well! – DALE

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