Chiggers and Birds (but not related)


[ Chigger semi-relief

July 31 – Folks suffering from chiggers will sympathize with us. Some people claim that they are immune, but we are definitely NOT. We go around with dozens of red welts, some large, and very irritating. Chiggerex is what we use to ease the discomfort, and lately I have been rubbing it on all the itchy spots before going to bed. Otherwise I found it necessary to get up in the middle of the night to do that. Chiggers are very small, reddish creatures that crawl around in grass and weeds and latch onto any body within reach. One good thing about October is that chiggers disappear until next May!

A few days ago I was looking out our big front window, when suddenly a smallish hawk swooped down and dived right into the middle of the bush growing in the front yard. It disappeared completely for a few moments, and then came hastily out and flew away. This bush is a favorite haunt of sparrows, and probably the hawk had seen one in there and attempted to grab a meal. Later on the hawk was there again, only this time it stood in front of the bush briefly before flying off.


[ One of many bird nests we’ve found ]

There is a bird around here that speaks English very plainly, but only one word of it – Teacher. It is a Carolina wren, and its standard call is “Teacher, teacher, teacher, teacher”. Every year a pair of them will make a nest in our workshop, getting in through the gap beneath the door where an old threshold strip used to be. The nest is always in some old box or drawer, and is a bundle of grass.

Eventually the babies are old enough to leave the nest, but are not smart enough to find their way out of the workshop. They fly around inside until somebody comes out to get something, and there are those little birds dashing around and hitting windows or hanging lights. I leave the door open and try to shoo them out, and sometimes they will go and sometimes I just have to chase them down and grab them and toss them outside for the parents to attend to. Next year they are not going to have a nest in our workshop, because workman James has just installed a new door with no gap beneath it. Maybe they will find a spot in the barn at the other end of the building, where there is lots of room under the sliding door there.


[ Sleepy Cat ]

To change subjects, I have to accuse our cat of favoritism. At night when we prepare to go to bed, I often go out to the garage and call her, “Here, kitty, kitty, kitty,” to get her to come in so we can close up for the night. She sleeps in the house at night but often likes to stay outside until around eleven. Kitty likes Chris better than me, I think, for she will most times stay outside until Chris starts calling “Here, kitty, kitty, kitty,” and right into the garage pops kitty and then into the house for a night’s rest.


[ Christopher and his mom Darlene ]

Earlier this month, our son David and his wife Darlene took a trip of several days to Tennessee. They took down a load of furniture and other things for their son Christopher who is going to be there in Tennessee for a couple of years while studying to be a nurse anesthetist. After many years, Dave and Darlene will have no children living at home with them anymore. They have all grown up and moved out.

Right now I too am moving out from this blog-writing business and will say goodbye to all. – DALE

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