Animal, Vegetable, Or Doors


[ Door installation ]

July 30 – This month we had two new outside doors installed – one at our back door and one in the workshop. We hired a young couple, James and Diana, to do the work; they are nice people who live in Holden. The mother told me that they have twin sons, one left-handed and one right-handed. (When Chris asked how old the kids were, Diana said, “Fourteen. FOURTEEN!” Now that was a real shock, as she thought Diana was only about 25 or so!)

A new robin’s nest has made an appearance, right over our garage door and located on the motion-detecting lights. These are usually kept turned off, so I don’t think the nest occupants will suffer from excessive heat. We would love to find a hummingbird’s nest and Chris could get some pictures, but we’ve never found one yet. Hummers are coming to our nectar dispenser and doing their usual squabbling.


[ First tomatoes of the year ]

We have been picking tomatoes for awhile now, with the first full-sized tomato from our patch on July 4th. It was a nice pink one that we enjoyed with sandwiches! There were several small golden tomatoes that I picked, but they had all cracked. Some of our plants have yellowish leaves, indicating tomato leaf blight, so I shall have to dig out our spray and do some work with the spray tank. Our cucumber vines are beginning to bloom and are sending out vines in great abundance.


[ Two turtles ]

While traveling on some local highways, we came across two small box turtles crossing the road, so stopped to collect them and take them home to release on our acreage. One was an ornate turtle and the other just a regular box turtle, but their markings were quite decorative. Of course they may not find our property satisfactory and will wander off to parts unknown.

It seems that Japanese beetles have come to this part of Missouri (unfortunately). I walked past our Rose of Sharon bush and it was just loaded with those beetles, devouring the flowers and buds. I shall have to buy some insecticide and spray the pests. This is the first time we have seen any of these beetles, which are colorful but destructive. At least we have no domestic roses, and the beetles are welcome to the wild ones with their long thorny canes. When we lived in Pennsylvania we had lots of the beetles; too bad they didn’t stay there! – DALE

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