[ White chicory ]

July 18 – On our way to church a couple of days ago I noticed a white-flowered chicory plant beside the road. Everybody knows that chicory is blue, so a white version is quite unusual. On the way home after church we decided to stop and pick that stem and take a picture of it. We looked and looked but just could not see a white chicory until just before hitting the black top, and there it was. Chris is our car driver, so she stopped, and I got out and waded through the weeds to that plant and pulled it up and we took it home.

The chicory flowers close up later in the day and new flowers open the next morning. These white flowers were beginning to close, so it was a close thing. Chris got out her camera and did some twig clipping and got a couple of pictures, and then put in some blue ones as contrast, but next time we are out that way we are going to stop and get the other white plant that I left growing, and Chris will have her camera along and will get a picture of a wide-open white chicory blossom.


[ Bamboo ]

Chris has been outside clipping weeds near the bamboo patch. Yesterday I worked in our garden, using the rototiller to dig up some rows of grass and weeds between our crop rows. The ground was very dry and dusty and I shall go over it again after some rain has fallen. It got cloudy late last week and we had thunder and a couple of raindrops, but that soon ended. I recently dug up a short row in the garden and added some fertilizer and sand next to one of our fences, and planted a couple varieties of cucumber seeds. This will extend our cucumber crop, as we already have a number of growing cucumber plants.

Whenever we make a trip into Lee’s Summit, have a small cardboard tray in the front seat, containing check book, wallet, shopping list, etc. Among the items the other day were a couple of gift cards for the supermarket Hy-Vee that we had thought of using during the day while we there. However, things ended up too crowded and we skipped Hy-Vee and went home. At home I started looking for the Hy-Vee cards and couldn’t find them anywhere! Chris and I both looked every where and finally decided we had lost those cards somehow. Several days later I got out our check book to write a couple of checks, and to my pleased surprise found those two cards behind the rubber band around our check book. The lost has been found…

150907-18 Albizia

[ Albizia ]

Growing in our side yard we have a beautiful albizia tree, in bloom and just loaded with fuzzy pink and white flowers, at least those that the Japanese beetles don’t want. Two or three times in past years the blooms have been invaded by a swarm of small brown beetles, similar to larger June bugs, and these beetles just completely devoured every flower and bud, but then the tree thoughtfully produced a second crop of flowers after the beetle crop had matured and died.

Growing in a row close to this tree we have orange trumpet vines planted from seed years ago, and they too are in bloom now and doubtless providing lots of nectar for humming birds. A brother-in-law once told me that he would not plant any orange trumpet vines as they are too invasive, and indeed they are, sending up dozens of little shoots in the lawn. Running the lawn mower over them several times puts an end to the invasion for the current year.

After all this hot dry weather, our car hadn’t been washed for some time and was very dusty and the windows were hard to see out of. So I had Chris back it out of the garage (she is the designated driver), and I got out the hose and sprayed it well several times.


[ Cat the snake charmer ]

Now the cat was enjoying herself on the lawn some yards beyond the car, and somehow the hose suddenly aimed itself directly at Cat. In shock the cat leaped high into the air and got out of the line of spray speedily. She drinks a lot of water but hates to get any of it on her coat. Today she has been enjoying sleeping on our bed, right at the pillow’s edge, and fortunately on Chris’s side.

So long, everyone, from DALE and CAT.

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