Flat Tires, Jackfruit, and the Birds

June 21 – We left home shortly after eight on a recent Town Day, and went right to the post office where we usually meet our good friend Richard, former postmaster of Pleasant Hill for a few minutes. Richard was not there, so we did not stay long as everyone was busy. However, the thrift store is just a block away, so we went there and visited and shopped as usual on Thursdays. Had a great chat with Susan, and were introduced to Manager Pat’s husband who stopped in to pick up a car. He was very complimentary of her and said when they first met he could see a halo on her head and knew she was for him.

Later while looking through some books, we were pleasantly surprised to see a familiar face there in front of us – our friend Richard! He had arrived at the post office shortly after we had left, and knowing our schedule, had come over to the thrift store just to see us. The three of us had a great visit for a few minutes and then he was out the door and on his way.

170621_SamaraMarketWhen we left the thrift store we stopped at the SAMRA MART gas station to fill up our tank, and I showed the attendant a book I was reading, written by a Cal Samra, and asked if perchance he was a relative. A big smile indicated that he was not. That is rather an odd last name, however.

Our next stop was at the store where a month ago we had our riding mower’s front tire repaired. We thought we had a puncture, but the repairman said it was an air leak between tire and wheel, fixed it, and we were on our way.

170621_LumsfordMotorsHowever, over the following month I had to pump that tire each time I used it to replace the few pounds of pressure it had lost. But then we did not need to use that mower for a week, due to the rains, and when I went to check it out, it was completely flat and the rim and tire were separated. I couldn’t even get the jack in under the mower and had to call Grandson Robbie to come and give me a hand and get the wheel off.

We took the tire to Pleasant Hill and left it there at the store for another repair. The lady in charge was very pleasant and obliging and when we returned later, the tire was all fixed up free of charge, with her apologies. We brought it home again afterwards and Grandson Robbie stopped by and in just a few minutes had the tire back in place and everything ready to go. I will keep checking the tire pressure regularly, though, to make sure it hasn’t started to leak again.

170621_JackfruitWe spent some time at Price Chopper, taking advantage of a sale they were having. Had heard they had some Mexican jackfruit, and the man in charge of groceries took us into their chilled storage room to show us what a jackfruit looks like. What a strange, large fruit it is. Our son had bought one a couple of weeks earlier, for just $2, as it was the last one in the store and he wanted to try it. The usual price is $20. Well, this fruit did not find favor in our son’s eyes and taste buds, so he disposed of it.

When we stopped back a couple of days later, we found that one of them had been sold already and the other one was in dubious health and would be thrown away. Chris had brought her camera along and our friend Robbie went off and brought it out for us to see and photograph. It seemed to be in so-so condition and we were given it free to take home and sample. Out in the parking lot Chris used my little pen knife to cut a chunk out and take it back into the store for a friend to try out.

Price Chopper also had dragon fruit for sale, and this is a colorful and strange-looking fruit. Many years ago, Chris and I were on our way back to the States from Southern Rhodesia, and had stopped briefly at Zanzibar and there sampled some jackfruit, but could not remember how it tasted.

170621_CarolinaWrenFinally back at home we unpacked and got breakfast ready. After eating I went out to the barn and brought out the push mower that Chris wanted to use. While out there I discovered that our resident Carolina wrens had left their nest on one of my shelves and were flitting clumsily around outside the barn. A fourth baby was still inside, flying around and cheeping, not knowing how to get outside. The mother was in there with it, but her escape instructions were not being followed yet. After trying in vain to catch that baby in a net, I gave up and left the birds to their own devices.

Was puzzled to see a larger bird flapping around in one of the windows behind the blinds, and after a while discovered it was a female cowbird. Finally got her out and into the great outdoors again. It too must have sneaked in under the front door with a missing threshold, hoping probably to find a nest she could lay an egg in. – DALE

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