Through the Window – Dale Edition


[ Which to climb on? ]

June 2, 2017 – Last weekend had been one that was forecast as a day with potentially severe storms but the weather seemed mild and normal for several hours. As is our custom, Chris and I went to church and enjoyed a church service, and were most happy to have our pastor and his family worshipping with us. He has been suffering from cancer for a long time and unable to preach and his chemo treatments leave him down and out.

As we were leaving for home afterwards we noticed that the sky to the west was a very strange greenish color, from horizon to a straight layer of darkish clouds above. Chris wished she had her camera along so she could take a few pictures. She was the driver, and as we neared home she began to drive a little faster, as raindrops were starting to fall. By the time we were sitting in front of our garage, the rain was really coming down. I checked later and found we had received 1-1/2 inches. Some areas received some very large hail stones, up to 4 inches in diameter, and we were very glad we did not have any hail at all.


[ Hmm – how does one go about this? ]

Pushing the door-opener in our car provided no opening of the garage door. We pushed and pushed, but no response. It had worked four hours earlier when we left, but would not work now. We sat in the car and wondered how we were going to get into the house! We have no key to the front door lock, and have never had one, even when we bought the house more than 18 years ago The back door has two locks and two different keys but we rarely use it, just entering the house through the garage. When the rain slacked off, I went over to that door and worked with the keys. Got the one lock freed up and the door handle would turn, but the other lock would not turn at all. We’ve had trouble with that lock before, and later on I was able to get it freed up by moving a little lever from inside.

So it was back in the car to make more decisions. Our bathroom window had an easily removed screen, and Chris had left the window up just an inch or two, so I decided to make entry through that window. I ended up having to cut the screen a bit so as to release the two catches. The air-conditioner unit was quite close to the window, and I decided to climb up on it and go in through the window. Alas, I was unable to get both feet up on it. Then Chris brought around a metal chair from the front porch, and that worked fine.


[ Like a long-legged goose ]

I worked my way slowly in through the window, head down and hands on the closed toilet seat. It was a slow struggle and made more difficult by the suit jacket I was wearing. Success at last, as finally gravity dragged me down in a heap, and I sorted myself out and walked off into the house. I pushed the big door-opener button in the garage; no results. Switch on the light; no lights. Then it dawned on me that we had no electricity at all in the house – there was a power outage.

Once Chris came in through the front door, we were finally able to get things working and change our clothes. My suit was a muddy mess and we thought it would have to be cleaned in the washing machine. Instructions said it was to be only dry-cleaned, but I said the washing machine!

Chris fixed us a cold lunch, and then we just sat around sleepily in the living room until finally the power came back on. There were still a couple of annoying electrical problems. The toaster would not work, and it turned out that all the wall connections in the kitchen were dead. Made a trip to the basement and discovered that one of the switches in the switch box had snapped over to the off position. Got that fixed, and then discovered that we had no bedroom lights, which required another trip to the basement and a firm push to the switch that appeared to be on but needed some encouragement. We were happy to find that our refrigerator light was now working again. I already had the instruction book out, telling how to remove and replace the bulb. All things finally are in working order! – DALE

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One Response to Through the Window – Dale Edition

  1. John Elwood says:

    I was surprised and pleased to see your photos taken at Lower Gwelo Mission. The young lady next to you in both photos would be Marjorie Johnson, who is my aunt, my mother’s oldest sister. She married Dudley Inggs in 1953 and they taught in the SDA school system all their lives. Aunt Marjorie passed away in 2010, and Uncle Dudley passed away last month, on May 12th, both in St. Helena, California. They were some of our favorite people. Thanks for sharing the memories.


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