Remembering Mother’s Day

May 22 – Thinking back on last week’s Mother’s Day, this one being number sixty. It’s not hard for me to think back on all of the very special days in May when I was so fortunate to have not only two children, but also a loving and caring husband Dale, a daughter-in-law Darlene, and a son-in-law, Harvey. Never once have I considered Harvey or Darlene as an in-law, no matter how many years have gone by.

170522_DaveBizSo many memories come to mind as this wonderful day arrives. Full boxes of Mother’s Day cards through the years are stored in a special place where I can look at and appreciate them all over again. In the beginning when I first celebrated my special day with David being not even three months old, I was happy to have Dale sign the card. Later when Biz arrived, she was just about three and a half months old when she clutched my card in her hand, once more with the greetings from her in Dale’s handwriting.

As the years went by, both kids learned to scribble their names on the cards, then sign them, and finally decide to print them. Neither one was too keen on using their handwriting skills, and much preferred printing over cursive. Both David and Biz wanted to send their own cards to both of their grandmothers as they were so special to them. As the years went by, Biz began to draw lovely pictures of flowers or other beautiful bits of nature in the cards she gave to them.

Dale and I were chuckling about a funny little story that goes way back! I can’t remember exactly how old David was at the time, but I do remember that he was not very old. After he and Biz and Dale gave me the Mother’s Day cards, and we would soon be on our way to their grandmas to deliver theirs, David looked at us very sadly. With a few tears in his eyes, and his usual smile completely missing, he began to sob. “Mommy has a special day. Our grandmas do, too! When are we going to have a Happy David’s Day?” Both Dale and I tried to explain that the calendar didn’t mark off a day for him, but he was pretty lucky to have relatives who loved him enough that he could have a special day every day! It was amazing to us that he really did understand, and sometimes, just for fun, we would tell him the night before that we would all be celebrating Happy David’s Day the next day!

170522_BizCollegeDale was so kind and faithful in making sure the kids had cards and gifts to give to their mother on each special day. In their teens both young folks were off to boarding school where nobody had to remind them of cards. Without fail, I would find their letters and cards and kind words written inside. But it was never the same!

How much I missed those two special young folks who were seldom able to come back home until school was over for the year. College days were no different. David was studying at a university in Michigan. After a year of missionary work in Thailand, Biz finished her education at a university in Tennessee. Both began their careers in Kansas, and were much appreciated by their co-workers. Both married: David is happily married to Darlene while Harvey and Biz had so many happy years together before her death over five years ago.

170522_DavidWorkingDavid had told us that he would be out on Mother’s Day and wanted me to make a list of things that needed to be done, and he would do them! I had no problems in making a list, but I did feel a little sad because he, with so many other things to do at home, still drove the fifty miles from their home to ours, with his sleeves all rolled up ready to get to work. He brought with him another Chicken Soup book, one of my very favorite series. Darlene always finds new ones; through the years she and David have given me over one hundred different ones. David also brought a bag of really tart dried apricots, probably my favorite fruit! Harvey always buys some too to add to the bag of goodies that he gives me for Mother’s Day.

170522_CatCardTo finish off this post, I want to mention some of the Mother’s Day cards I received. There was ne very loving one from Dale plus another he sent from our big cat! Just a word or two from that one:

From your loving Cat.
I thank you for the food you bring,
And for my little squeaky thing.
I thank you for your friendly talks,
And when you change my litter box.
I thank you for the naps we share,
And putting up with tufts of hair.
I thank you for these things you do. . .
But thank you most for being you!

170522_DarleneCardDarlene’s card with the beautiful rose on the front and her message inside, “I am so very thankful for your good example!” will always be remembered. She is so loving and kind!

Then David’s very touching words on his card: “Being a great mom is probably the single most important contribution anybody could make to this world. I should know because I have you, a truly great mom. I can’t imagine a force more powerful, a love more valuable, or a gift more lasting. My grateful heart is living proof of that.”

It was a great day all in all, leaving special memories and a thankfulness way down in my heart that God has given me such a wonderful family, who love and appreciate me every day, not just on this special one! – CHRIS

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