The Unknown Woodchopper

150911_CutTreeMay 14 – Just a quick story from a week or so ago. I had mentioned that a section of one of the big trees near our house had fallen down. So on one of our Town Days, we had driven to Pleasant Hill to do some shopping and visiting before having breakfast after we arrived home around noon. Dale went out to the barn to get the riding mower ready for me to use while he would be working on the big tree that had to be sawed up now that he could start the saw!

Later on, he came in to tell me that the job had already been completed. “Already?” I asked. “How could that be when you just went out?”

“Well, I didn’t do it,” he said, “and I don’t know who did!” Finally, we came up with the idea that Harvey or Rob had done the job. They were just feeling sorry for their elderly in-laws! Only, that’s not what really happened! Harvey told us that he thought that our friend David once again was helping us out, and come to find out, that’s exactly what happened. He and his young friend Abednego from Kenya, had spent time with the saws and carefully picked up the small branches and took them off to our burning pile. They carried the large pieces from the trunks and took them home so Abednego could work at the splitting. David would do some other work.

Now, that was a real sign of friendship or another proof that old (er) folks are helped by others who always seem to enjoy doing good deeds, but not letting anyone else know about the jobs they have done. Later, when we found out whom the Good Samaritans were, David told me that they thought we were still sleeping when they arrived, and he was hoping that he wouldn’t wake us up! We weren’t, and they didn’t. They must have arrived shortly after we had gone to town for our usual day of buying and visiting with friends. – CHRIS

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