So Where’s the Box?

170510_JitterbugMay 10 – Here’s a story that didn’t make us too happy at first, but at least we never found out until much later! After a day of Harvesters recently, we had brought in to the kitchen several boxes or small bags of food that would go to a family we know who certainly could enjoy the contents. After we had sorted through the contents, putting fruits with fruits, and crackers with crackers, etc. Dale stood by the counter where he always keeps a small box with check book, driver’s license, and phone. I keep my puzzle books there too, so I have something to do while he is putting gas into the car and gas cans.

When he turned around with a question on his face, I knew something was wrong! “Have you seen the check book, and other stuff I always keep on the front seat in the truck? I’ve looked everywhere and can’t find them!”


[ apples for the box ]

After giving him a negative answer, I suggested that we look around the kitchen where the boxes of food were sitting. No matter where I checked, I came up with nothing, just as he did! I even went down the steps to the basement to check where we keep some of those small boxes. Nothing. Back to the truck we went, and I climbed inside on my hands and knees, but no luck. At first, it was almost laughable as we just couldn’t figure out what had become of the little box and its contents, but after a while I became concerned. Those were valuable items, and we needed to find them.

Later on, when we delivered the food boxes to a needy family in the neighborhood, we searched through the boxes, hoping that we had just overlooked them in the first search. The family helped us in our search too, but no luck.


[ checkbook missing! ]

Not too long after we arrived home after the delivery, we received a phone call from our friend Donnalene who had received the books for the kids that morning at Harvesters. She explained that she had found some items in a little box along with the books.

At first, when she found the phone, she figured it was for the kids to play with. But then came the check book! She thought that Grandson James would be more than pleased with that because he was developing an interest in playing “office” when he could have materials like those in the box. But, when she found Dale’s driver’s license, she knew these items were not to be played with, but were very important for Dale to keep and use. No more office equipment in THAT bag! When she announced that she and her husband would be delivering those items that evening, Dale tried to let her know that it would be OK to get them later. Nothing doing on that score as she knew how important they were.

Later as we were working outside, this special couple drove about ten miles to deliver the lost items! By that time I had come to realize that really the whole thing was my fault! Why? Because earlier that morning when I had taken the books and the seed catalogs out of the truck, I ended up taking the box as well. And here I was thinking that Dale had somehow lost it. But I couldn’t figure out how until the call from Donnalene.

While they were here, she and David showed us the cutest little dog that she is babysitting. After we had looked around the yard, Dale and David walked around the house and checked on the big trunk of the ash tree that had broken off about a week ago, just about falling on the propane tank!


[ our back pond ]

Since Dale couldn’t get his saw to start, so he could cut up the tree, I suggested he take it to our friend Mike who would be with the Harvesters’ group. On the third try, Mike was able to get it going at full speed! Great! Now Dale could take care of that limb with all of its relatives and get it out of the way. Donnalene and I walked around the yard, crossed the creek, checked the surprise lilies, daffodils and narcissus flowers, and then moved up the hill to the pond that was plenty full because of all the rain we have had lately.


[ seed catalogs ]

After the folks had left for home, I jumped back on the riding mower to see how much I could mow while it was still light enough that I could see the paths I was mowing. I didn’t quite make it all the way around, but not too much was left to do the next day.

I did learn one lesson from these events – the next time Mike gets a catalog or Donnalene gets books for the grandkids, Dale will do the distribution! – CHRIS

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