Just Being Nice

April 30 – A quick followup from my last post:

170430_LiquidPlumrLater that day we were shopping at Wal-Mart trying to find a blind to replace one that had been damaged, plus a small container of Liquid Plumbr. We walked from aisle to aisle, but just didn’t look in the right area. We decided to stop and ask a tall man who was sweeping the aisles with a huge broom. “Well, I’m not sure where those blinds are either,” he said. Awhile later, as we were still hunting, we met the same man, who told us to follow him, and he would take us to the proper area. Nice he remembered!

As we were checking out the various kinds and sizes, an older couple was doing the same thing. Since I had just come from the hospital I told them about Rita, and her desire to help others. Then I told them about the man with the big broom, the one who led us to the place where we were now checking out the blinds. Finally, as they had found what they wanted, they said they had enjoyed the conversation and stories. The lady’s last words to me? “I have decided just to be kind. You have had a real effect on me!”

170430_CanesNow I wouldn’t go that far! It was the kind people that I had told her about who really made the difference. Just after that, I stopped to wash my hands. Just as I was about to leave, a lady stepped up and said, “I can tell you are really nice.” Well, I didn’t know quite what to say except, “Thank you. What makes me “nice?”

“Well, you just look so good, and I can tell you’re not exactly young as far as age goes. But I can tell you are happy, and YOU DON’T EVEN HAVE A CANE!” – CHRIS

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