Visiting the Docs

April 27 – Last month after my doctor had checked over the report sent to her by the one who did all of the testing to find out what makes me tick (or if I can still keep going), she started reading the results aloud. “OK for that,” she said as she read the first line. Glucose the same, blood pressure was good, cholesterol, and triglycerides were good.


[ Bone density numbers ]

When she found no problem, she asked, “Have you ever had a bone density test?” My answer? “No, I don’t even know what that is!” I guess she was thinking about my age when she suggested that I should have one! After that test done by Latisha, a very caring young lady, my doctor told me to keep on doing what I have been doing, and all will be well! Now that was good news! As I stopped to thank Fallon, at the patient registration area, I received a big hug from one who treated every patient with a real welcome!


[ Mammogram machine ]

Just a short time later, I was scheduled for my yearly mammogram at the same hospital. As I was sitting in the lobby reading, a happy looking lady came out to ask with a question mark in her voice, “Are you Chris?” As I walked along with her, she led me down the hall to the room where mammograms were taken.

Very friendly and concerned that all would go well, Rita started a few conversations. That was great, as I always like to make new friends, even in a hospital situation! As she prepared for the test, she reminded me several times that if I were in pain, I should let her know so she could fix the problem. My answer was always the same, “It has to be done, so what good would it do to complain and start all over again? So, I wouldn’t tell you if it were painful, but it isn’t anyway!”

When the test was completed, we talked a little bit about our lives, etc. As I mentioned being a missionary in Africa, her face brightened, and she said, “I knew it! I just knew it! This morning, when I saw the list of patients I would have today, I was pretty sure that this would be the third year I had done a mammogram for you. I just hoped it would be, but I waited to be sure, until you mentioned your work in Africa!”

I don’t remember whether her hug or mine was the most joyous and appreciated, but I do know it was a blessing to see each other again. I was especially glad that she had not forgotten me! After she had checked to make sure the test was satisfactory, and that she didn’t have to do another one, I got dressed and ready to go out to the lobby to tell Dale the good news.


[ Who you winkin’ at? ]

Along the way we talked about winking, of all things! When I told her I have never ever been able to wink with my right eye, she laughed and said, “Me neither!” Back in my teen years, a number of us young folks would get together for a meal and games.

We played games like Winkum, where the girls sat in a circle of chairs, and each of the boys would stand in back of a seated girl. One boy would have an empty chair, and he would wink at a girl hoping she would escape before the boy behind her held her back and quickly move to the chair of the boy who winked. Then the boy with an empty chair had to do the winking. So we two were the same in at least one way! We also talked about helping others when we can. When I asked her to go out with me to find Dale, she readily agreed. Not only did I want her to meet him, but I wanted him to hear the story about blinking!

After one last hug, Rita pointed out she tries to treat everyone with kindness. Sometimes folks need an extra helping of that because they aren’t feeling well, especially in the hospital. While we are trying to help others to cope with problems they are having, the happiness that we share, always comes back to us! – CHRIS

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