It’s a Growing Thing


[ Tomato trays ]

April 23 – Under fluorescent lights in the basement I now have a second batch of  tomato seedlings that I transplanted into small plastic pots. They look great so far.

Once the weather warms up for real I shall set them outside in the sunshine along with the first batch to get hardened off before they go into the garden. Also have a small tray of cabbage and pepper seedlings waiting for room alongside those tomatoes.


[ Candy onions]

In a larger tray I have two bundles of Candy onion seedlings stuck into potting soil to keep them moist until transplant time comes, and if the garden weren’t so damp I could get it rototilled and those seedlings transplanted. They don’t freeze easily, so will stand cooler weather than some of the other plants.

On the other hand, once they’ve been transplanted, the cabbages like cooler weather as well.


[ Discarded euphorbia ]

In front of our big living room window, I had a quite large euphorbia candelabra plant…at least until earlier this month. However, it no longer wanted to stand upright and kept leaning over onto the curtains. So I got a big pair of clippers and cut off the top several inches of the plant, with a lot of branches.

Euphorbias contain a lot of white, milky juice, and that juice was soon splattered around abundantly. The top section is now downstairs, drying out, and one of these days I shall plant it in a pot and hope it roots successfully. The rest of the plant is out on the lawn, destined for the garbage heap.


[ Spring daffodils ]

In our back yard our daffodil display is still quite colorful. Some of the flowers have faded, but other varieties are bright and visible from quite a distance. We have a couple of clumps that are just loaded with dozens of blooms, a different sort that grows a lot of bulbs in one big ball, all sort of grown together. You don’t plant this kind of daffodil with a single bulb, but with a whole clump.

We have two long rows of daffodil bulbs blooming, that were sent to us by Chris’ younger brother Pete Christoph as a memorial of our dear daughter Biz who passed away in 2011. Pete too has passed away, and now these flowers are a memorial to both. – DALE

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