Thoughts on Food – Fourth and Final Course

170421_Corn Bread

[ Fresh cornbread ]

April 21 – Dale really enjoys the golden corn bread that I make from time to time. You can find the recipe for this particular treat just about anywhere: in recipe books, on line, and sometimes on the box in which the main ingredients comes. I prefer eating mine just as it is with nothing on it. Dale likes his with butter, but most of all, he enjoys breaking it into pieces for his morning cereal and milk.

Awhile back we were given several dozen big brown eggs. Well, not just “big” but huge! Thus far, every time I have broken one of these eggs open, TWO yokes pop out! Hardly ever in my whole life have I seen that many. Maybe once in a couple months have I seen an egg with two yokes. But these I am writing about now would make me very surprised any more if only one yoke fell into the dish!


[ Strawberries ]

Both of us appreciate the strawberries that were picked from our garden strawberry bed and put into the freezer. Another fruit that is most enjoyable is the sour cherry that makes so many treats, both as pies and puddings. I do NOT like the time we spend pitting the cherries, especially when the juice pops out and lands in my eye! Oh, well, it’s better when we do that in the winter, rather than do the job when we pick them off the tree in the summer! No extra time then. – CHRIS

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