Price Chopper People – Part II

March 27 – And today I’ll finish up the Price Chopper post I started last week…

Behind the customer service counter, Lenita busily takes care of those who needed help with various questions. She introduced me to Sieahna, a lovely young lady working with her. Finally, we had talked ourselves out, and went out to the truck to go to the bank.

Before we left, though, I checked over the receipt, and found what I thought must have been a mistake. “Look at this,” I said to Dale. “Do you remember that I had planned to get the limit on cans of peas today? They were 33 cents each, so 12 would be $3.96. Then just as we came in, I noticed that some trays of corn were selling for $4.00. Since I figured that would be just about the same as the peas, I decided to get both—the peas on the shelf over there, and the corn on the other. I didn’t pay any attention to the price until I got into the truck. Seemed to me that I had paid just about double in price, so when I checked out the listing, I found I had been charged $9 for the peas, and $3.96 for the corn. I think I should go back and ask if I figured it out right.”


[ A dozen cans of peas ]

Dale thought that was a pretty crazy idea. “I’m not going in to check on it,” he said. “Don’t worry about it!” Well, I wasn’t worried, but I still wanted to find out what happened. While Dale drove across the road to the bank, to get some money, I sat quietly without even doing cross word puzzles while waiting for him. When he came back, I told him I would be going into Price Chopper to check out the receipt if he would drive back there. “Sure, but remember I’m not going in,” he said cheerfully.

Well, I didn’t want to go in either, but I thought I should. I didn’t even take the peas with me because if I had the whole idea wrong, it would be a lot of carrying to do for nothing. Inside the store, behind the counter I saw Lenita, who was busy taking care of a question from another person. Sieahna, the young lady to whom I had been introduced earlier that day, came over to me. “Anything you need?” she asked as she smiled. “No, but I want to tell you a little story about corn and beans,” I said. After explaining as best I could and letting her see the corn marked $4, I asked if she could do anything about the problem.


[ Refund time! ]

Talk about a quick mind! With just one question or two, she said, “Well, it looks to me as if you need to have some money returned to you. To the cash register she went and came back with $5.04! “Is that all you need for now?” she asked. “Yes, that really solved the problem,” I said. “I really appreciate your doing this.”

When I got back into the truck, I handed Dale a $5 bill plus 4 pennies.” I think he was a bit surprised at the answer to my problem, and said, “Good for you!” Afterward I thought I had the answer as to the difference in the price of the corn and peas. The ad gave a limit of a dozen cans of those vegetables, but I had two dozen because of the case marked $4 on the corn!

Nice to have folks behind the desk who can solve problems like that one and who kindly take the time to explain as they give an answer to the customer. Seems strange to spend half our grocery store shopping and the rest of the hour talking and enjoying friendships.

It was also good to talk with Zach and Peggy as well while we were there. Zach as been so polite and endearing, along with once in awhile coming up with the strangest sound, almost like a parrot! He will be going off to California one of these days, and his quiet smile, his courteous ways, and his friendliness will be missed.

So thank you to all who are our dear friends. Stay well, have a happy family, and be as kind to all you meet day by day, as you are to Dale and me! As I have been getting these blogs ready, I have wondered if any of the employees from the other Price Chopper Stores are as friendly and efficient. I hope so! – CHRIS

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One Response to Price Chopper People – Part II

  1. Richard C. says:

    Good memories of the day you two took sister Linda and me to Price Chopper last April to browse the store and meet more of your many friends. Very clean, orderly, and the people were very nice and friendly. The owner has posted some very good photos on his website below.


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